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20 Hilarious Things Cat Owners Discover When They Get A Cat For First Time

Most people will agree that they love all the weird things that their pets do. These behaviors are really strange and can’t be explained, but on the brighter side these behaviors will make everyone in the house, happy. Well most of the time, unless your feline spreads lotion all around the house, that would certainly make you upset.


These weird and unpredictable random acts are something that the cat owners would know and be able to relate to. They aren’t just hilarious and lovable, they also make really amazing companions. Who wouldn’t want such a cute and adorable companions? They are so curious about things, they will try to go in depth and those depths would be creating a huge mess but well cat owners are ready for all these challenges that come along with cats.

Some people might feel a need to know more about cats, so we decided to write an article for you that would help you know what cat owners actually go through. We have collected for you 20 strange, hilarious and unusual things that cats do! Scroll down to see!

1. You don’t own your cat, your cat owns you!

“Come on my human slave, entertain me!”

2. Taking 10,000 pictures because they are so adorable!


“Look! He’s sitting!”

3. Reflecting eyes, signs that he’s a demon?


4. “How can you be so lame and stupid, human?”


This cat has some serious issues with its owner.

5. Cat sitting on a glass table is honestly the best thing you’d ever see!


Cutsie squished paws! Awww!

6. Staring into the voids, because they see something that humans can’t see.


This really makes me scared, like what are you staring at, cat?

7. “I am upset with you, so I will just stop looking at you”


Pro tip: Don’t make your cats angry! EVER!

8. Won’t even let you drive the car in peace!


Look at me instead of looking at the road

9. It’s definitely catto time hooman, forget the books.


Gimme all your attention

10. Fully dilated pupils? Really excited or extremely angry.


Best thing to do when you see your cats dilated pupil is to take a picture!

11. “But can I pweaseee come with you??”

How can someone say no to this adorable face?

12. Tee-haww! I see you hooman!


Umm.. also a little bit scary.

13. I can be a mummy.

Cats obsession with toilet papers is something that can never be explained.

14. They wouldn’t want you to do any house chores.


“Come on hooman, I should be your priority not these stoopid dishes”

15. If I Fits, I Sits

Well, if someday you can’t find your cat anywhere, try looking in the fridge.

16. Weird things cats do that make zero sense to humans.


You don’t understand, hooman. Don’t try to convince me.

17. Eat all day and rest all day.

Which is why get fat, really fast!

18. “Your food looks more appealing than mine!!”


Gimme some of what you’re having.

19. Trying to fix themselves in small things.

Cats have this weird concept, they think they can fit anywhere. But they can’t.

20. Human: peacefully sleeping.

Cat: *Lemme just go and sit on his face*


Your peace is something that a cat would never accept!

All these pictures were so hilarious and cute. It made me realize how I also want a cat in my life! What do you think? Do you want a cat as well? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments sections below!


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