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Man Pepper Sprays An Unleashed Dog That Came Running Towards Him

All our life, we read and spend a lot of time learning new things. We try to improve ourselves and polish our personalities, the best we can, but we’re just humans. No one is perfect or complete. Just like Celine Dion said  that we’re just a bunch of unfinished stories waiting for the best part. We all make mistakes and the best are those who learn from those mistakes. It’s for the best that we realize our mistakes and correct ourselves. Apologize where needed and walk away from people and situations where we are not needed anymore.

Recently we came across a rather interesting Reddit post in the subreddit “Am I the a*shole.”  It was about a man who pepper sprayed a dog that he never met before. The dog was unleashed and was barking at him vigorous. The man didn’t know a thing about dogs and got immensely scared. So, in his defense, he pepper sprayed the dog, to which the dog started to run in circles. The question arises that, who’s to be blamed? Is the man an a*shole for being scared of an unleashed dog? Or the dog is responsible for barking at strangers, unannounced? To find all the answers you have to read the whole story. So, scroll down and read it all.

Here’s what happened.

pepper sprayed the dog


A little conversation between the dog owner and the OP.

dog owner and the OP


The dog’s in pain.

The dog goes nuts

i get into my van

The unleashing is to be blamed.

unleashing is 100 percent to blame


It is for the best to have a little know how about the dogs for future reference.

for future interactions


The dog owner is clearly at fault. He should have put a leash on his dog. Dogs are surely friendly and intelligent as compared to most pets, but they are an animal after all. They can never think as technically as a human can and we can never expect them to act this way either. Although dogs are domesticated and properly trained, they can still be dangerous. Specially towards the people they don’t know and they haven’t met before. It is the owner’s responsibility to always put a leash on its dog and keep it supervised when out in public, for the sake of everyone’s safety including the dog itself. Here’s what Redditors have to say about this little incident. Scroll down to read the comments.

It’s for the safety of everyone including the dog.

Put a leash on it dog phobia


What OP did was a sheer reaction to a barking unleashed dog that came after him out of the blues.

dangerous mouths

That’s a great advice. Travel-size deodorants are a great idea.

Travel-size deodorants


We agree.

Dog lover here

Absolutely! Others can’t understand a dog the way the owner can.

Dog owner is the AH


We side with the OP, he’s not the a*shole. In fact, we’d say that the dog owner is a pretty irresponsible person. It is for the best that you put a leash on the dog before heading outside to avoid situations like the one in this story. There are all kinds of people out there. Not everybody loves and understands dogs. Some people get scared of the dogs and let’s face it, dogs are animals. We can’t expect them to understand things and situations like a human can. Overall the story was a lot to teach us all. What do you guys think about it? Let us know in the comments below.


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