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40 Extremely Adorable Cats That Forgot To Put Their Tongue Back In

The cutest animal award goes to CATS!!!

Every pet is the dearest to its owners, they all have a special place in their owner’s heart that no one and nothing can ever replace. Every pet is the most beloved, precious and perfect to its owner. Their owners surely prove how much they love their dearest pets by showing them affection and by showing them off to literally everyone. The pet owners take uncountable amounts of pictures and videos of their beloved pets on a daily basis to capture their beautiful moments so the memory can stay alive for ages. That is definitely what I do too, I just take a look at the old pictures of my pets and my mood immediately changes, I feel way more joyful and delighted. If you truly love your pet unconditionally and endlessly, you will love every little thing about them. A pet owner’s crazy love actually shows when they gush over their pet for literally doing nothing and taking pictures of them all the time because they find them effortlessly beautiful and entertaining. Even the things that people normally do not find attractive or funny but a pet owner will. That is just how they love their pets.


Every pet has its own special cuteness hidden in one natural habit. For example when a dog tilts its head super cutely, when a horse rests its head on your shoulder as if they are hugging, when a rabbit blinks innocently whilst holding a carrot in its tiny hands, when a duck fluffs her feathers when sitting and when a cat bleps as she sticks out her cutesy little tongue. Today, we have gathered a bunch of pictures of cats blepping from Reddit. I am so much fascinated by their cuteness, I literally can not handle it. Keep on scrolling down to see why do cats deserve the ‘cutest creatures on our planet’ award…

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1. “Deedee Has Owned Us For 5+ Years. Finally Caught A Blep On Camera!”

Image Credit: LumberjackBrewing

2. “Disgruntled Blep.”


Image Credit: mooseandfinn

3. “Head Empty Only Blep.”


Image Credit: Thantoar

4. “First Ever Blep By Yuki!”


Image Credit: Bubblegum-N-Orgasms

5. “Turbo Blep.”


Image Credit: pootie1969

6. “A Rare Blep For A Sleepy Girl.”


Image Credit: xxtatgirl93xx

7. “Caboose Has Given Us His First Blep On Camera!”


Image Credit: echisholm

8. “My Cat Blepped For The First Time On Camera.”


Image Credit: ededcqm

9. “Nothing To See Here…just A Blep.”


Image Credit: Quatrinn

10. “Stretch N Blep!”


Image Credit: ToastedTango

11. “This Cat In A Michigan Zoo Managed To Blep For A While.”

Image Credit: Covanion_X

12. “Sassy Blep.”


Image Credit: DietHopeFloats

13. “Foster Sophie-Anne’s Catnip Blep.”

Image Credit: catsnbeavers

14. “A Teeny-Tiny Blep In Dreamland.”


Image Credit: lynx0211

15. “A Crab Juice Induced Blep From Potat.”

Image Credit: davidmitchellseyes

16. “15 Years Of Bleps With This Dude.”


Image Credit: poncey-

17. “Probably The Best Blep Portrait I Will Ever Take.”

Image Credit: Moxielilly

18. “Dǝlq Uʍop-Ǝpᴉsd∩.”


Image Credit: rodinsleftarm

19. “Such A Pretty, Yet Annoyed Blep.”

Image Credit: DazzleMeAlready

20. “Blep From A Funny Angle.”


Image Credit: sad_glutenfree1

I swear, this is the cutest cat content I have come across this week. I had no idea what the term blepping meant until today, I am glad I found out its meaning because this is definitely now my favorite thing about cats. It has officially won my heart and I am absolutely going to be visiting Reddit often just to look at the pictures of cats blepping. It is definitely one of the hundreds of cutest things a cat does. Cats really do not have to do much to make us fall in love with them. My cat literally breaths and I gush at him for being so cute. That is really how it is with cats. They will be innocently licking their tiny paws and It would make my heart melt in seconds. I really meant it when I said I can not handle these cats’ cuteness, I mean just look how adorable they all are looking with their tongue out. Definitely, cuteness overloaded here. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these cutesy cats blepping at you…

21. “I Pspsps’d A Cat On My Way To School And It Turned To Me With A Blep.”

Image Credit: Difficult_Scene

22. “I Spent A Solid 5 Minutes Laughing At His Blep Today.”


Image Credit: youdontsharewelldog

23. “Found This Blep Going Through Old Pics Tonight. Magic, Gone But Not Forgotten.”

Image Credit: txtw

24. “Blep If You’re Cute And You Know It.”

Image Credit: lemonlevy

25. “My New Kitten’s Napping Blep.”

Image Credit: 6gummybearsnscotch

26. “She Held This Blep For Like 5 Minutes.”


Image Credit: HavohejPantocrator

27. “Tiny Blep From 9 Week Old Raffa.”


Image Credit: ohhhleyroy

28. “Chutney Doesn’t Blep Much But When He Does It’s Great.”

Image Credit: ReleaseTheNerd

29. “Content Blep! Was Told By Others That This Deserves To Be On This Sub, So Here Is Maryjane With Her Towel❤.”


Image Credit: Hedgehoginascarf

30. “Teva’s Bleps Usually Have Some Attitude.”

Image Credit: oak_nuggins00

31. “A Month Ago Chewie Was Living In An Abandoned Hospital Parking Lot, Now He’s The Blep King Of The House.”

Image Credit: adelinethequeen

32. “Sweet Old Lady Named Patches, Giving A Blep.”


Image Credit: bac0n_cheddar

33. “Went To A Cat Café Today And This Fella Blep All The Time.”

Image Credit: motoattadipnz

34. “Smeet Smeagol. He Is A Majestic Blep Floof And I Hope Everyone Enjoys Him.”

Image Credit: ensictif

35. “Baby’s First Blep (Six Days Old).”


Image Credit: a-supreme-fiction

36. “She Blepped At Me After Biting Me.”

Image Credit: birdtaxi

37. “Smol Blep.”

Image Credit: Civil_Ad_5520

38. “A Blep Of Epic Proportions!”


Image Credit: PigeonPenelope

39. “Big Surprised Blep!”

Image Credit: tumbles_

40. “Tiny Blep From A Tiny Lady.”

Image Credit: blueeyedtangle

Awww, so adorable!! This cute little cat blepping is my favorite one out of them all. She looks so beautiful and cute sticking her tongue out. Oh, my heart! She is so tiny. That second last cat blepping with surprised expressions was so hilarious. Those expressions were so precious with that tiny pink tongue sticking out. All of these cats were so cute, I have been grinning so widely all this time looking at them. I am more in love with my cats and just cats in general as if I was not already. What is your one most favorite thing about your pet? Does your cat have a habit of blepping? Tell us in the comments down below…


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