30 Overweight Animals Who Had An Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Former chonks transformed into joyful, healthy babies!

We all pet owners love our dear pets so much, we are always trying to make them happy one way or another. Some show affection by spending money, some show affection through actions and for some affection is to give food. We all know that too much of anything is not good, eating food excessively can be very dangerous for our health. We are not educated on this topic but there are over 1.9 billion human adults who are overweight and out of all of those 1.9 billion overweight adults, more than 650 million are obese. That is approximately 13% of the planet’s adult human population, which is a lot. The fact that the worldwide prevalence of obesity has now tripled since 1975 is crazy. Not only do humans face such health issues in their lives but sadly, many different kinds of animals are also suffering from this problem. According to RSPCA, the largest animal welfare charity in the UK, obesity is a serious issue in pets as well. Unfortunately, pet owners do not realize that it can take a huge toll on their health if they allow it. There are so many other ways of showing love besides giving food to your pet excessively. We should be aware of the fact that giving too much food can be really harmful to our beloved pet’s health. If every pet owner helps their pets to maintain a healthy diet and make sure they receive plenty of exercise then our little babies can bounce back to their happy and healthy lives.

We have collected a bunch of transformation pictures of overweight pets, their before and after losing weight pictures will motivate and inspire you. Their stories will give you hope to keep trying for your pet’s good health. Keep on scrolling down to see those amazing transformations…

1. “9 Months Progress – 8.2 -> 6.7 Kg!”

Image Credit: ejilee

2. “It Took A Heafty Bribe, And Two Years, But My Cat Finally Lost The Weight!”


Image Credit: Madmae16

3. “Another Dechonk – Barsik! He’s Gone From 41 Lbs To 27 Lbs.”


Image Credit: chatorce

4. “Chonk To Dechonk: Gary’s Workout Plan… Food And Water On Separate Levels Of The House.”


Image Credit: dr_camp

5. “Eli Lost A Whole Cat’s Worth Of Weight! From 23 Lbs Down To 13.8”


Image Credit: TechnoAllah

6. “Bella Has Lost 9 Pounds And Is Very Close To Her Goal Weight. I’m Not Sure If She Looks Thinner But She Seems To Feel Better And Run Around More.”


Image Credit: succubuskitten1

7. “My Handsome Man 7 Months Ago And Today!”


Image Credit: sarahk828

8. “Was Told Ernie Would Be Appreciated Here.”


Image Credit: xrat-kingx

9. “Almost Three Years Of Dechonkin’”


Image Credit: sitonmytits

10. “Even Though We Loved Our Chonker Girl, We Knew She’d Be Happier Healthy. After Starting Medication For Her Barbering, A Prescription Diet For Weight Loss, And A New Feeding Schedule, She’s A Chonker No More!”


Image Credit: brattyash

11. “One Year Of Dechonkification.”

Image Credit: zigguratastic

12. “My Reverse Chonk! He Stopped Eating Last Summer And Lost A Lot Of Weight, Turns Out Many Of His Teeth Were Bad And He Was In Too Much Pain To Eat. He Had Surgery In December And Has Been Putting On Weight Since! Vet Wants Him A Bit Chonky Since He’s A Senior And Prone To Being On The Lighter Side.”


Image Credit: soulandthesea

13. “My Service Dog, Avalanche, Is Back To A Healthy Weight!”

Image Credit: ShelbyEileen

14. “Chasing The Dog Chased Away The Chonk!!!!”


Image Credit: WOOKIExRAGE

15. “One Of My Favorite Dechonks – Meet Bronson!”

Image Credit: chatorce

After seeing these images and reading these pets’ stories I feel like I have been a part of their weight loss journey, they all had an incredible transformation. I am in awe of their courage, it is not an easy thing to do. It is so difficult for us humans to change our diet and lose weight, I can not imagine what an animal must be going through during these situations. But what I know for sure is that they are extremely brave and so strong for taking up such a task. A good, supportive owner is the main reason why these animals suffering from obesity survive, of course, it all depends on the owner and their encouragement. The pet can not do it all on its own. I am so glad these beautiful babies survived and had another chance at living a happy, healthy life. They deserve it, they deserve so much more love and care. We have so many more stories and transformation pictures to share with you. We are only halfway through yet so keep on scrolling down…

16. “A Sad Update/Cautionary Tale. Some Of You Might Remember Molly, Who Came To Live With Me For A While To Lose Weight. Sadly Today At The Age Of 6, Molly Crossed Rainbow Bridge. Please Do Not Over Feed Your Pets, It Kills.”


Image Credit: Spookybits9737

17. “Sookie Progress: 90% Dechonkified. Started Fostering Her 7 Months Ago After She Was Abandoned From A Puppy Mill Operation At 74lbs. We Adopted Her A Month Ago And Is Now At 48lbs!”

Image Credit: h2ogood4me

18. “Motivation: The Weight-Loss Journey Of Skinny The Cat. He Lost About 10 Kg In Total.”


Image Credit: I-ate-your-pony

19. “From Thicc To Stick: Massive Tuxie Loses 3 Kg/Half A Stone. More Pounds Have Rolled Since The Picture Was Taken (April 2019)”

Image Credit: I-ate-your-pony

20. “I Got Darling Belle About Two Months Ago (On The Left) And Immediately Put Her On A Diet. Show Her Some Love As She Continues Her Dechonkin’ Journey!”


Image Credit: thumper_spot

21. “From 95 Grams To 80 Grams. Alexander Has Reached His Goal Chonk!”

Image Credit: Azrielenish

22. “Buddy’s Epic Weight Loss! He Was Around 20kg, And Now He’s At 13kg.”


Image Credit: DanOwen46

23. “Bruno Gets Dechonkt.”

Image Credit:

24. “My Mill Rescue Who Made It Full Circle. Now She’s Spayed And Well Muscled!”


Image Credit: ScarlettKate1928

25. “The Cutest Ex-Chonker.”

Image Credit: Introvert_Extrovert

26. “Phoebe’s Diet Is Going Well!”


Image Credit: oythisisridiculous

27. “Jazzy Is Running & Jumping Just In Time For Her 10th Birthday Tomorrow! We Love You Jazzy! 16 Lbs To Go!”


Image Credit: rachel_lorelle21

28. “My Cat Was 23lbs When We Adopted Him, Today He’s 12lbs And No Longer Diabetic!”

Image Credit: hummusndaze

29. “Kai Has Lost 100 Lbs Between 2018 And 2019, Goodest Of Boyes.”


Image Credit: dom_bul

30. “From Absolute Unit On The Brink Of Being Put Down Due To Health Issues, To A Smiling Boy.”

Image Credit: Biglittlebonner

I hope these stories educated you on the topic of animals suffering from obesity. I hope that it motivated you and encourage you to keep on trying if your pet is having similar health issues. I have definitely learned a lot from this. Which pet transformation surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments down below…


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