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20 Cats That Found The Perfect Place To Chill, And No One Can Convince Them Otherwise

You might have heard cat parents constantly complaining about how their kitty never chooses its bed to sleep in but all the unusual places around the house such as the window sill etc. That’s the natural feline instinct that makes them do that.


Cats have this practice of changing their resting and sleeping spots from time and time. Over the centuries, they developed this practice in order to stay safe from predators. If a cat stays long enough at the same spot/place, that specific spot acquires a feline scent. Although domestic cats don’t live anything close to wild forests these days, they are used to living in the urban environment. But the cat genes had to express themselves in some way at least. This is why you’ll notice that your cat doesn’t keep the same sleeping spot for a very long time. They keep moving.

Another point that makes us confused about our kitties is, why do they always choose the weirdest and crampiest spaces to live in? Cats are ambush hunters, hiding is another of the feline property they hold in their furry genes. This is why they like living in smaller and closed spaces. The cats either themselves follow you around the house or their eyes are stuck on you, no matter where you go. They’ll just sit there in a box give you judgemental stares, and whenever your eyes meet theirs you’ll question your existence. The most annoying part is you can’t even ask them why do they do it!

Our floofs feel the comfiest at the strangest spots which apparently look very uncomfortable. We just can’t rule out the fact that how even are they so calm sleeping there. Our domestic cats are proving that they are only an inch away from reflecting the wild cat behaviors they have, stored in their DNA. Here are some kittos who chose to doze off at the oddest places, no other existence would choose to sleep or chill in…

1. The furriest carpet slipper

via © immediatethor / Reddit

“If I fits, I sleeps in slipps.”

2. Cool kitty

via © TaylorMM004 / Reddit

“She’s an oddball of fluff!”

3. What you lookin’ at, hooman?

via © Flowniir / Reddit

“Bought a water gun to annoy my girlfriend with. Cat found a new favorite spot.”

4. A perfect fit!

via © SolarDile / Reddit

“A perfect cat performs a perfect circle…”

5. My favorite pair of shoes

via © Unknown / Reddit

“Any time I put on a pair of shoes, he moves in to take their place.”

6. Box full of purr

via © shinda_sekai / Reddit

“She claimed this box and it’s the perfect fit for her.”

7. I wish, I too never have regrets on choices I make just like her

via © PerspectiveFriendly / Reddit

“This is more comfortable than you think…”

8. Her new bed

via © glowaves_18 / Reddit

“My kitten fits perfectly in the napkin holder.”

9. Enjoying the view

via © TK-Punk / Reddit

“Double fit, double sit!”

10. “This is my favorite position, so what?”

via © owlsandotters / Reddit

However you feel comfortable, your highness

11. Her love for boxes is real

via © EstefanySP / Reddit

“She fits perfectly in this box.”

12. Fits in better than the popcorn

via © MooneyOne / Reddit

“My boyfriend put popcorn in the microwave, readied a bowl on the counter, and came back to this.”

These kitties aren’t giving up on their stance of “If I fits, I sits” anytime soon. Even if they don’t fit in, they’ll somehow loaf over the boxes to make sure you don’t them away.

These small and crampy boxes, baskets, and spaces give our furry friends a sense of security, they feel safer sleeping there. No matter how many or how expensive the beds you bought for them are, they’ll somehow always manage to ditch them for unusual places for stretching their paws out.

There are other reasons for choosing different sleeping spots too. Let’s say the bathroom sinks, you’ll often find your cat sleeping in the bathroom sink bowl peacefully. Ever wondered why? During hot summery days, cats choose cooler places among which is an example of bathroom sinks.

Temperature is yet another determinant influencing cat’s choice of dozing spaces. Colder days come with warm cuddles besides fire and muffling up in your feet at night. Since cats spend most of their time sleeping hereby a comfortable napping spot is essential!

Keep scrolling to see how people caught their felines cozying in the oddest places you can think of!

13. “If I fits, I sits”

via © jasontaken / Reddit

14. She has good taste in music

via © carcaranarchy / Reddit

“I can’t leave an instrument case open for any amount of time without her doing this. My mandolin case happens to be just the right size for her.”

15. Can’t get over the fact how perfectly does she fit in the bowl

via © Natwree / Reddit

“Not what I expected to see when I turned the light on!

16. Just trying on some night suits

via © zutestar / Reddit

“Who dares disturb my slumber?”

17. Impressive

via © Proper_Refrigerator / Reddit

“Ted found a purr-fect hiding spot!”

18. Spot the fluffiest thing on the shelf

via © zutestar / Reddit

“Couscous found a shelf just her size.”

19. When you forget to put back the trash can lid, it gets confiscated

via © Mongotheball / Reddit

“She has 4 beds but will ditch all of them for this trash can lid.”

20. “Packing essentials”

via © Mongotheball / Reddit

Can’t let you go, won’t let you go

21. “Are you trying to tell me that I don’t fits?!”

via © ZaraNyhus / Reddit

You’re wrong I fits, purrfect!

22. “She thinks the window sill is her’s.”

via © Artbyabi123 / Reddit

Cats and window sills, a match made in heaven perhaps

23. Oh look, I found my favorite furry shoes

via © MR_rLm98 / Reddit

“Shoebox on the kitchen table = new bed”

It’s pretty clear that our adorbs don’t really ask for expensive supplies and beds. All they ask for is an unlimited supply of boxes, some plastic, small crampy spaces at home, and baskets to fit in. Our kitties are as simple as a puzzle, lol.

Although we’ve kind of resolved the mystery behind why cats switch it’s sleeping spaces that often, there are other cat behaviors that are a mystery and still need to be unraveled. Such as, they’ll sit beside you in the middle of the night, staring at you and not make a single noise. And in case you wake up to this scene, you’ll almost die, that’s how creepy it can be!

Another thing they are pretty obsessed with is bottle caps. They’ll gather all the bottle caps they can even if they are from the trash and bring them to you as a present! What did we do to deserve these goofballs of pure love?

How often does your cat ditch its bed and older sleeping spots? Do let us know about your cat’s preferred sleeping spots in the comments below!


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