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20 Hardworking Cats That Were Spotted At Their Workplace That Prove We All Need Furry Staff

Some jobs are referred to as being the cat jobs such as judging and giving captious looks for no reason, topping the list. Kidding! There’s a lot more our furry friends are capable of, other than the two jobs mentioned above. They love helping their humans around at their workplace, home, or wherever.


They not just help around in the chores but also comfort you while you sit in your relaxing chair to take a break. These kitties are close watchers and very good observers, hereby they’re perfect for keeping an eye out on suspicious things, too. Due to their royal fur and appearance, they are often found to be the focus of web content created by various influencers. As they love their cat babies no less!

The best part is that our feline friends are extremely good around our kids no matter how mad are they at us. Cats are good baby-sitters! You must have seen various pictures and videos where cats are found rocking the cribs of little babies while they go to sleep. How adorable is that? And sometimes, they even end up cuddling our little babies!

Here is a comprehensive compilation of cats on their jobs which may make you want to have a cat in your crew at your workplace, too!

1. Cat-penter keeping a close eye on the measurements

via © dressinggowngal / reddit

“My apprentice cabinetmaker, Maeve”

2. Loved their hospitality for sending in warm furry hugs

via © Tan-zania / reddit

“Staying at an Airbnb and I woke up to their kitten this morning licking my face. Instant 5-star review!”

3. When you deserve the job more than anyone else

via © Nikachuu / reddit

Or maybe the cuteness was a bribe?

4. We’re in safe paws!

via © r22d / reddit

Would love to go through this security check!

5. She keeps a close eye that you don’t misplace a record

via © mr-tony-stark / reddit

“This is ’Lil’ Kim.’ She works at my local record shop and greets every customer.”

6. postman or post-cat?

via © intellectualth0t / reddit

7. The neighbor’s dog is such a chump – says our kitty

via © coir / imgur

“My mother-in-law’s cat sits on the post like this and judges the neighbors.”

8. “Bloggers with cats always have luxury backgrounds”

via © ssknurt / reddit

Kitty is like: Still, it’s her who gets all the fame!

9. After a long-hour duty

via © Ghasand / reddit

“My repairman fell asleep mid-job.”

10. Cat crew

via © buddhaonacid / reddit

How do we catch that light?

We’re sure you’re impressed by how hard-working our littles kitties are! Keep scrolling to see some other felines who take their career pretty seriously…

11. The 360° Camera

via © KuznetsTR / reddit

12. Delivering goods across woods!

via © that*****lejoe / reddit

“This is Butters. She’s been a truck driver for 4 years now.”

13. The team of workers behind every successful project!

via © astro-mechanic / reddit
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14. I wonder why no one visits us anymore?

via © zeldawallpapers / imgur

Our cat doesn’t like anybody but us.

15. The feline voyage

via © vpdots / reddit

The youngest kitty to climb the mountain makes a record

16. The boss babe

via © kelserah / reddit

17. While mom does all the house chores she keeps the baby sane

via © MijnnaamiFbeeFt / reddit

“I have the cutest babysitter.”

18. The mouse-keeper

via © ofquelthalas / reddit

Kitty is in for some serious business!

19. Making sure everything’s in place

via © irememberthedialupmodemsound / imgur

“The chief supervisor of knocking things over on this demolition crew”

20. “The public relations officer at my university campus”

via © bincjj / reddit

The best man on the staff!

Who says only dogs can perform special duties, our fuzzy felines aren’t any less. They have set the bar pretty high in fulfilling the tasks assigned! We’re perfectly happy with their progress. So when are you getting yourself a feline crew member, let us know in the comments section below!


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