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16 Dads Who Did Not Want Pets And Who Fell In Love With Them Anyway

It’s a well-known tale that despite a father’s protestations to the contrary, those fathers inevitably cave in and adopt a pet. They will act as if those pets don’t even exist, tell you that you are solely responsible for them, and say they don’t want anything to do with them. It will occur. It always takes place. Then, as was to be expected, those fathers fall in love with the animals they didn’t want. Because no one can resist those beautiful innocent eyes and those cute little paws, right? I believe that animals have superpowers and we are just so thankful to have them.


These kinds of dads’ stories are all over the internet who did not want pets and they just fell right in love with them anyways. Animals are so loyal that once you have earned their trust, especially dogs they are going to be yours always. There’s no more beautiful bond than a human and a dog’s bond. Keep on scrolling down below to see these 16 dads who did not want pets but somehow fell in love. We are sure that you are going to love this compilation.

1. “My dad, 8 years ago: “If your brother brings that dog into this house, I’m disowning him.” My dad today: “Blaze is an old man like me and needs special attention.””

Dog - Sasta ay ve

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2. “Step Dad went from “cats are a nuisance, we can get one but I want nothing to do with it” to signing birthday and Christmas cards “Love from Anastasia & Ruby””



Via u/lizzah2211

3. “Took in a pregnant stray late last year…”



Via u/Shelvis

“Took in a pregnant stray late last year. Once the kittens were old enough I found good homes for them among my friends. One of their dads said absolutely not, don’t even think about it. He brought him over for Christmas and now their inseparable.”

4. “My dad was always against cats…” This is simply adorable



Via u/raspberryscum

“My dad was always against cats because his mother was terrified of them. My mom and I came home with Sage as a kitten without telling him. She immediately farted in his face and laid on his favorite blanket (he was furious). 4 years later they’re best friends and still sharing that blanket :)”

5. “Going on six of years of calling the cat “little girl” because he doesn’t want to name her since he doesn’t plan to keep her.”

Comfort - REDHEAD


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6. “My husband did NOT want a cat…now he cradles him for hours while working from home, and sets aside a bit of egg for him every morning.”



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7. ‘”it’s not my cat, I didn’t want it. I’ll never let it on me”‘



8. “Dad thought Mouse’s ears…”



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“Dad thought Mouse’s ears were too cold so he went inside and heated up a wheat bag and proceeded to hold Mousey’s ears against it! Sure does care for a cat he complains about being too ‘needy’ all the time — you created him!!!”

9. ‘“No, I do not want a poodle.”’



Via u/TheAuDacity44

10. “This handsome dad and the deceased relative’s cat he did not think we should keep!”

Hairstyle - ORNA


Via u/TaffyMarble

Aren’t these stories adorable, you never know when you are going to fall in love with them? The bond we start to make with these adorable creatures tends to last so beautifully. Even though you can’t speak to each other but it’s the heart and the love that makes you know that we are a perfect bond. Keep on scrolling down below we have collected these just for you.

11. “My husband: “I don’t want this rat in my house! I am a dog person!””


Via u/yellow_ti

12. “My dad holding the puppy he told my moms that he ‘absolutely’ did not want”



13. “Definitely didn’t want this one, but had to rescue it and it’s brothers from an attic fan.”


Via u/skatedaddy10

14. “”not his dog” and yet here he is, carrying her around the house whenever he gets the chance”



Via u/hughieeedgar

15. “It took TEN YEARS to convince him to get a sphynx”


Via u/days_n_beeks

16. “July 2019, my wife came home with him excitedly shouting “Look, now our other cat has a friend!” I was livid. March 2022, he follows me around chirping all day and I can’t imagine life without him.”



Via u/OhOkayFairEnough

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