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13 Cats Who Were Abandoned Like Trash Still Managed To Get A Happy Ending

I will never understand why people abandon cats.

Or any animal in general. I mean it is so heartbreaking to see that these people adopt an animal, make it their pet, show it love, and built trust in that pet’s heart, and then one day they decide they don’t feel the need to have a pet anymore and just abandon them straight away. I cannot even muster up the energy to think about doing such a thing, let alone doing it. Let’s consider cats. When you adopt a cat, it understands what you just did for it. It then waits, patiently, for the inseparable bond to form between it and its owner. And once that relationship gets established, the cat then starts repaying all the love its owner gave it during the early days of adoption when the cat was still trying to develop that trust. Life after adopting a cat then becomes beautiful. They fill it with so much joy, entertainment, happiness, affection, companionship, and all the positive words you can think of. Cats turn our lives around for the good.


And now after reading all this, can you really understand those people who throw their cats away like trash? I feel so disappointed in humanity. But the news for these terrible humans, the cats they threw away ended up getting a second shot at life and are currently living the best possible life. Yes, today we are going to share 13 stories of cats that got abandoned by their ex-owners for the most irrelevant reasons but ended up having a happy ending anyway.

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1. Starting off with this beautiful cat tweet that screams nothing but the truth.

Via @TheNerdyCatLady

2. Lost his previous owner to COVID, got adopted by a new couple, and has been enjoying life at his forever home for over 1.5 years.


Via @Charmdimshure

3. Jack was shattered when his family left him behind but his hopes got revived when this person called him by his name. They have been living a great life together since.


Via @SpiralFractal

4. I cannot believe someone threw this little girl in a ditch.


Via @Whitelando1972

5. Cooper, who was considered trash by his previous owners, has been spending the time of his life with his current owner for 20 years.


Via @Gfunkarama

6. They dumbed her because they didn’t want to look after the little babies that were about to come. Their loss.


Via @picklefish

To be honest, I sometimes think that everything happens for a reason. I am lowkey glad that these pets got abandoned because even if they lived with those bad people, they wouldn’t have lived the life they deserve. Cats deserve the best of the best. And I believe they got it after their current owners adopted them. Yes, the phase between sure is tough but when you get a happy ending, the bad past slowly fades away into nothing but an old memory.

7. Look at those eyes. It did not deserve what happened to it.


Via @Davida_in_USA

8. This person is a superhero for rescuing cats from the streets and providing them with forever homes.


Via @Chuckbonawe

9. Rest in peace, boy. I am sure he felt so much gratitude for these people who did so much for him during his final days.


Via @DavidB85272058

10. Look at that beautiful face. Honestly, the college kids made a mistake abandoning this one.


Via @lisekimhorton

11. Awe, glad this baby finally gets to rest peacefully.

Via @KPersists2017

12. Can you guys believe the reason Dolly’s ex-owners gave for abandoning her? So infuriating.


Via @kendra_lcy

13. You can see how much difference love can make

Via @StephenShelle20

I hope you guys enjoyed these stories. You do get a nice hint of wholesomeness at the end and that’s what we live for. Wishing all these cats the best of luck.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Stay tuned for more.


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