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20 Senior Pets Living Their Best And Enjoying ‘Olden’ Days

All animals are deserving of love and appreciation, but I think we all should take out time to appreciate senior animals that have lived a long life. We all want the best for our pets. We see them grow from tiny creatures into big animals. Their growth and development comfort us. Their progress is what keeps us going. After a pet has spent so many years with you, they become an important part of your family. A day without them is a day incomplete. Their happiness becomes the most important thing for you and you want to celebrate their special occasions and moments in joy.


Scroll down to check some adorable senior pets having their special moments celebration by their favorite humans!

1. He is happy because it is his birthday and his room is full of gifts!

Via  u/firefrenzie

“Happy Birth Month to the best boy. 19 never looked so good Ralphie!”

2. She was born in a liquor store. Let that sink in.

Via  u/iodyne

“Just want to share my 15yr old girl, Sativa. She was born in a liquor store in Kentucky and adopted by an old roommate that immediately moved out and left her behind. I wasn’t even mad, she’s my sweet senior kitty and I love her”

3. She is looking the coziest!

Via  u/toreramatadora

“My baby girl Elvira, 16, sleeping like an angel”

4. Ruby found a new home!

Via  u/Evita98

“This is my old lady, Ruby. I inherited her after an aunt of mine passed away and brought her home 700mi away. She’s been thriving these last couple years and is 18yrs old and very happy!”

5. No matter how old they get, they would still be our babies!

Via  u/sharkmaid420

“Honey is 13 but she’s still my baby!”

6. Give poppy her crown!

Via  u/goodchia

“This is Poppy. She’s 21. Long Live The Queen.”

7. Wish this baby a successful surgery!

Via  u/pog_champ45

“Barnum (14) has to go into surgery today to remove a cyst on his hip. Wish him luck!”

8. Penny has learned to love after receiving love from her new family.

Via  u/Candid-Salamander266

“When I adopted Penny from a shelter 10 years ago she was scared and aggressive. Today she is the most loving cat I have ever met.”

9. Brak should give us all lessons on how to balance objects on our noses. In our defense, his nose is big enough to stabilize an object but ours isn’t.

Via  u/relliMmoT

“Brak is chooching right along living his best life and I’m the proudest dad in the world (14, bloodhound+mastiff)”

10. Snuggler alert!

Via  u/-Valkyrja-

“This is my girl Poesje, she turns 13 years young today. She’s a professional snuggler and the most gentle sweetest thing ever.”

11. The appropriate manner to dress up for your birthday

Via  u/zkeab

“Happy Birthday to this old boi, Rocky… he is 15 today!”

12. You are never too old to run around the house!

Via  u/the_salivation_army

“This my girl. She’s fourteen but she still runs around the house in the early morning.”

13. A rug is enough for me, human!

Via  u/DrawYourSword

“Some dogs have pillows or blankets or stuffies they like to sleep with. My Jack (15yrs) likes to sleep with a rug. (He does have blankets and pillows and stuffies….he just really likes this rug).”

14. The day she left cancer behind.

Via  u/SentientBee

“My 18-year-old Flower (aka Meemaw) tested negative for cancer today! She drooled to celebrate”

15. He is only 3 years closer to becoming legal.

Via  u/Deminedprincess

“Mya Says Hi Everyone! She is an Akita Cross and will be 15 in November”

16. The cat is there to comfort her human during exam stress.

Via  u/bombkitty

“Walter (18) helping with 9th-grade finals”

17. Sun and Winters; best combination!

Via  u/frederickjim

“Caskie boy 14 out & about enjoying the Summer Sun and Cool breeze.”

18. Most peaceful sleeper!

Via  u/mountainsky496

“Princess Cali [18] making little sleep”

19. 20 and feisty!

Via u/oddgrrl99

“Old lady Olive takin a sip from the family water dish. She’s 20 and still feisty.”

20. In the Vet’s face.

Via u/AndyM110

“Vet insisted she couldn’t be older than 14. Nope, she’s 21.”

I love how each animal has its own story. You would think that they are another animal and do not have anything unique to them. That is farthest from the truth. They all have different lives and stories. It is comforting and heart-warming to see humans share anecdotes about their pets. It allows you to connect with these creatures more!

Do you have a pet? Share a cute anecdote about your pet in the comments!


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