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18 Adorable Photos Of Cats Laughing Like They Heard A Hilarious Joke

Laughing makes everything better.

Laughter is the best kind of medicine. A little bit of giggling will start making you feel a lot better. After all, laughter just spreads joy. Have you ever heard of laugh therapy? It’s an amazing method to let go of stress and anxiety. Smiles are contagious, too. I usually end up smiling if someone smiles at me, of course not in a creepy way though. If you’re sad, watch a few funny videos of cute cats on the Internet, and laugh your heart out. Trust me, you’ll feel much better. These are two things that can always cheer someone up; Cats and laughter.


Cats are the best. They are the silliest creatures on Earth. They make us laugh with their goofy shenanigans, and they aren’t even aware of how unintentionally hilarious they are. That’s the best thing about them! So, if you were feeling a bit low today, you came to the right place. Scroll down below to see 18 adorable laughing cattos that’ll make your day:

1. You must be really funny to make him crack up like that.

Via funnyfoto

2. He looks like he just told a really bad pun and is waiting for everyone else to laugh.


Via amazing-creature

3. I’m sure this is mid-yawn but it’s hilarious nonetheless.


Via empress josephine

4. Showing off his teefies.


Via amazing-creature

5. Smol catto.


Via Mona Ratliff Powers

6. I want to know what he’s laughing at.


Via absolutroll

7. I want to be this happy in life.


Via lolsuperfails

8. Being happy together.


Via cattime

9. Laughing out loud.


Via pinterest

I think their laughter is pretty much contagious. I wish I could be this carefree and happy in life. Cats really live the best life. Wake up, eat, play, sleep, repeat. If I had a life like that, I would be laughing at everything too. And a laughing kitty is the best sight. I hope they always stay this happy. Because a happy kitty is a healthy kitty. Scroll down below for the rest of the laughing cattos:

10. He can’t stop himself from laughing.


Via buymelaughs

11. What a perfectly timed photo.

Via kimochi

12. Flirty boy.


Via Mothcat

13. We have all seen this famous photo.

Via yahoo

14. Someone enjoys bath time.


Via Iron Core Media

15. When you laugh so hard you fall down.

Via Sonia Solis

16. Kitty looks electrically charged.


Via Marla Grassi

17. He’s about to attack.

Via Colleen B

18. Rolling on the floor, laughing.


Via theanimlasplanet

What do you think of these adorable laughing cattos? Express your thoughts to us in the comments below!


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