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16 Cats Living Luxurious Lives In Their Cardboard Villas

Cats are a royal being. They demand to be treated as a member of the royal family. Or, should we say, they like being treated as the Queen. Well, it isn’t wrong to say as they sure do act like one. They are fearless and follow no rules. After all, they are the ones who make them. They live on their own terms, and not just that, they want their owner to live accordingly as well. All the cat owners can relate to this. If you’re obedient and follow all the commands properly, you can get some good human snuggles from your cat. Otherwise, you will be ignored. Going against the cat rules can get you in some trouble. Cats are great at taking revenge.


Cats are very picky eaters too. They can easily drive their owners crazy who are desperately trying to get their cat to eat something. Other than that, they have their own cat logics that are beyond human understanding. They would sit and sleep in the most uncomfortable places and in unexplainable positions. No matter how many dollars you spend at the store trying to pick the comfiest bed for your feline, they would always end up sleeping in a random box lying right next to it. That’s probably because the box is “life.” Here are 16 photos of cats living in boxes. Sorry, not boxes but their carboard villas. Scroll down to see the pictures.

#1 “Hello, hooman! Told ya we’d fit into this.”

Credits: @missenell

#2 This box is purrfect for sniping.


Credits: u/Firstita555

I requested a box in my cat’s room at a pet hotel. They sent me this update.

#3 “I’m chonky but I fit.”


Credits: Geshem / Pikabu

No, it doesn’t matter if the box is too small or the box is too big. If it is a box then the cat will find ways to adjust into it. They have an extremely flexible body that can totally change shapes. That’s why we say that cats are liquid. Even if a cat falls from a great height, they don’t get broken bones. They bounce and walk as nothing happened. Cats don’t ever let their invisible tiara slip from their head. They just know exactly what to do. It is a weird fact but true that cats find comfort in some very uncomfortable postures. You will often find cats sleeping/napping in narrow or uneven spaces. No matter what they do, or how they do, they never fail to steal the show. We love our four-legged furry balls to the moon and back.

#4 It’s a cat doll.


Credits: Adiya / Pikabu

Got a figurine and decided to put it on a shelf. This is what I saw when I returned.

#5 Never seen a cat fit into a box so perfectly before.


Credits: arthik / Pikabu

#6 “Hooman! Look I made a tail hole in this box.”


Credits: u/phillhb

My cat scratched a tail hole into her box.

#7 This cat is living in a luxurious cat villa.


Credits: Y2k18 / Pikabu

#8 Chonky cat lost deep in thoughts.


Credits: u/H0agh

#9 That’s not just a cat. It’s a vampire cat.


Credits: koshhkamusi / Pikabu

#10 That’s a pretty uncomfortable position to sleep in.


Credits: u/TheAnarchistMonarch

#11 “Hooman, I need some privacy in here!”

Credits:  u/CaptainBeckmann

#12 Cats are liquid and here’s a proof.


Credits: u/its-probably-an-owl

#13 Like momma like baby.

Advertisement by UDM

Credits: Morflex / Pikabu

#14 “No, Human. I’m not chonky and I fit perfectly into the basket.”


Credits:  arthik / Pikabu

#15 “Box is life, hooman! Bed ain’t got nothing on a box. You should try sleeping in one too!”

Credits:  u/hulamonster420

#16 “That’s a perfect foot rest. Just the way I like it.”


Credits:  u/295DVRKSS

These cats in their luxurious villas are living their best life for sure. No matter how big or small the box is, they find a way to fit right in. We all know the popular phrase, “It doesn’t matter how big the house is, as long as it’s a happy home.” These cats look very happy and that’s all that matters. Hope you enjoyed these felines. If you did, do let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below. Share this with other cat lovers to fill their hearts with joy.


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