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Bride’s Mom Wears White Dress So Maid Of Honor Stops Her Attending The Wedding

Some women don’t deserve to be called mothers.

I can understand that not every kid has a perfect relationship with their mother. Whether it be the child’s fault or the parents, things aren’t always smooth in any kind of relationship. However, parents are supposed to be there for their child not try to upstage them. Especially if it is their wedding day. This may seem like a no brainer but so many parents actually do this.

I have no idea what their reasoning is. Perhaps they want to live through their child or that they are really selfish and only care about themselves. That at least is true for this woman. You see this woman wore white on her daughter’s wedding day. I mean why would anyone do that? And top it off it is your own daughter!

Thankfully the maid of honor stepped in before things got too out of hand.

Source: Reddit

Honestly, everyone needs a maid of honor like this one.

I don’t get why you would want to ruin your own daughter’s special day.


However, the maid of honor was there to enforce the ‘rule’.


Woah. NTA.

MIL is a grown woman who cried because she was asked to change out of a white dress at her daughter’s wedding, and then went home early just to be petty.

SIL was right to have you take care of her, good job! –thescooobygang

It is safe to say everyone has agreed that she is not the a**hole in this situation.


And it was the bride who asked her to do this in the first place.


As they should!


People do many things that make no sense.


Because of her, the wedding was drama-free.


And that is all anyone can ask for on their wedding day.


You are the best SIL ever. You saved the bride from having a miserable wedding and reception with wedding photos of her mother competing with her in a white dress.

Queen of NTA. –salemonadetea

Or it might have gotten worse.


If she had decided to stick around.

Glad they already had other dresses ready.


That sounds so awful.

I can see that this is a regular occurrence.


She was just following instructions after all.

Very lucky indeed.


And she definitely deserves them.

At the end, it was her choice.


If only every bride could have such a good friend.

Nicely put

NTA- some people just have to be the center of attention no matter what the occasion is but your own daughters wedding, now that just takes the cake. Surprised her husband let her leave the house dressed in white to his own daughters wedding. OP you did the right thing its just to bad you weren’t a little petty and picked out some really ugly dresses for her to choose from. SIL lucky you had her back

Definitely NTA. –20MLSE20

And she didn’t have to deal with her mother.



You never know what might happen in the future.


Who would want a good relationship with this kind of woman?

Not many people would have been so courageous.


What would you have done in this scenario? If your mother had shown up in a white dress? Would you have kicked her out or ignored the matter completely? Comment down below and let us know.


What do you think?