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18 Hilariously Naughty Cats Who Made Their Owners’ Lives Difficult

Cats are really cute and charming, most of us agree on that, right? Except for some dog owners.

They can make you happy just by their cute little acts and can brighten up your day. Those furry little four-legged animals will walk around your home as if they own it. Well, they do own it. However, sometimes these adorable creatures can make your life challenging. They would interrupt and stop you from doing any or all the important tasks. And you might even regret the decision of getting a pet, but  just in the next second, your cat would do something so cute that you would forget everything and your anger would be replaced by joy, again. Cats have this ability. They’ll bring you a dead lizard, which is obviously not a very pleasant gift but the act of kindness will surely melt your heart.

In this article we have collected such cute incidents that the cat owners have experienced with their cats. Scroll down to see what disaster cats can do and how forgiving the owners can be!

1. Messing with the owner.


Nope, still can’t be mad at this cute feline.

2. The wire doesn’t belong inside the USB port.

RIP cord
byu/MachaPanta inCatsAreAssholes

3. Hooman, enough with the call. Give me attention now!


4. Someone just found an unwanted co-writer of their novel.

meet my co-writer (filming with my non-dominant hand)
byu/bookishweirdo infountainpens

5. “No one in the house will admit who knocked the recently filled canister of sugar on the ground. Guess we’ll never know.”


The mystery of spilled sugar will never be solved, I guess! Those paw prints are just a coincident.

6. “I came back from a two day trip, the neighbours looked after her. wont even look at me.”


The disappointment is real.

7. Cat was just trying to help it’s human in completion of the puzzle.


Who cares about a silly puzzle when you have such an adorable cat.

8. This sofa belongs to the cats.


Not to the person who made it.

9. “He started on the back of the chair and just slid in.”

This hoomans assignment will surely be turned in late, hehehe *evil laugh*

Loving these battles between cats and their owners? Scroll below as we have more for you!

10. Only a super talented cat can turn breakfast into art.


11. “I guess the blinds are her new form of entertainment.”

hmm, I didn’t know blinds could also be used as a toy or… dinner.

12. The mystery of missing magnets.

I couldn’t figure out why my magnets were all over the kitchen floor.
byu/no_salt_just_lime inCatsAreAssholes

Someone here doesn’t know that the owner is standing right behind them. Times up, turn yourself in now!

13. Gangster Cat.


We seek warmth.

14. “Just a box the kids made for mr jerk”

This cat is actually laughing. Yep, clearly doesn’t care at all.

15. Just a cute little kitten scratching sheets.

Who is this goblin that lives in my house and doesn’t pay rent?
byu/OutlawPurrs inCatsAreAssholes

Cats surely know how to use their cuteness to get away with anything.

16. Oh, so you’re trying to record?

My cat ruining my at-home yoga video for YouTube – He’s no longer invited to the shoots! 😂
byu/katiemcgrathyoga inCatsAreAssholes

I’m sorry, I am not going to give you some peace and quiet. Deal with it.

17. “Can you not?”


Clingy cats. Yikes!

18. Mission = “Destroy the singing card”.

sound on
by infunny


Well, even if these cats are being naughty, we can’t help but love them. We’d eventually give in and just accept the fact that they own us, and it’s not the other way around. Hence, we should just bow down, listen, and obey. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below, about your views on these silly cats. Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones to make their day.


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