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50 Times Cats Made Their Owners Wonder “What The Heck Is Wrong With My Cat?”

Cats are weird in the best way possible.

Good Morning! We hope everyone is having a good day. In case, anyone is not having a good day, we are here for the rescue. If you are a cat person, then you are just at the right place but if you are a dog person, we bet, you will fall in love with cats today. We have collected the most ameow-zing and hilarious cat photos from all around the Internet to make your day better. Cats are funny, naughty and weird in the best way possible. They are always up to some mischief that makes us wonder something is wrong with our cat. Well, keep wondering. Till then, we have compiled a list of 50 hilarious cat photos that will make you ask what’s wrong with my cat. So, are you ready to have some fun? Then, grab some snacks because the list is going to be a little long.


1. “she’ll sit on my head while I fold clothes, do dishes, everything. nobody else in the house can tolerate it but I love it so much”

Via: stopkony2017

A cat who thinks she is a hat.

2. “He has discovered his superpower of staring at us through the “wall portal”.”


Via: oogyboogy72

Hooman, I’m always watching you.

3. People: What’s up?

Me: Just hanging around.


Via: jasontaken

4. “Meet Pete. This is him asleep. Pete is not photogenic.”


Via: Krobbox

Who says he is not photogenic?

5. “My wife says I’ve turned into a real “cat daddy” since the kids grew up . . . But I just worry that she might get cold.”


Via: AdLocal3837

6. Pass out wherever you land:


Via: MaryJaneFury

7. “Her favourite object in the house is a brick”


Via: Buckwhal

I’ll take my brick wherever I’ll go.

8. “She sleeps like she’s part of a crime scene”


Via: kumacmon

That’s how you sleep when you are tired AF.

9. When God wanted to make her a spider but made her a cat instead:


Via: Still_Hotel_268

“I wanna be a spider please!”

10. “Winston wanted to pop in to say hello”


Via: mycatsagirl

11. When you are too lazy to plank:

Via: UltraDragonGod

12. “Gave up after 20 minutes of trying to weigh him on the take-home scale. I came back to find him lounging like this.”


Via: hamsandwichman9

You can’t make him sit. He will sit whenever he wants to.

13. “This is Ice Cube, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge on the 18th. He liked grass. A lot.”

Via: BrushfireMocha

14. “My mum built her cat a TV base to watch cat YouTube so she could watch the big TV in peace (OC)”


Via: meowingcarrot

Every cat owner should set up a small customized TV for their cats.

15. When your cat is obsessed with sitting on the head:

Via: jasontaken

16. When you give your cat a safe space to hide:


Via: YaBoiAMF

17. “Just found this sub and had to share how my cat used to sleep a few years ago”

Via: guramika

Cats are weird and they sleep in the weirdest positions.

18. When you are drunk:


Via: rora_borealis

19. Hello human!!

Via: Ana_Maria_C

20. “The age old cat yoga ball act. The yoga ball is on top of a 7 foot cabinet.”


Via: hereforthebooooze

Mom, now I am gonna show you my skills.

21. “Ozzy doesn’t understand how loafing works (those are his back paws)”

Via: Pilleroaetum

She is getting good at yoga.

22. “He’s my personal guardian, so if I were you, I would think twice before trying to rob me”



You wanna take the risk?

23. The face he makes when he wants your attention:

Via: knives_in_my_eyes

24. When your cat prefers the cardboard box more than the cat bed:

Via: Nikefut12

25. “Confession: I can’t do a zoom class without putting in a movie for my cat so he can feel busy too”

Via: grayshush

Cats love socializing and being the center of attention. Well, they have charming purrsonalities, how can they not be the center of attention? They would not let you attend Zoom meetings but would ask you to pet them. So, the only way you can keep them busy is by setting up a separate tablet for them. And, once these mischievous cats get obsessed with something, there is no going back.

26. When he wants to show you how strong his teefs are:


Via: saffaffa

27. “She’s more of a pile than a cat at this point.”


Via: crumbshotfetishist

28. “They are worshipping their cult leader”

Via: rosecxty

29. “She’s always watching you”


Via: Marko091

No privacy in the bathroom.

30. “This morning I woke up to this. I’m scared.”

Via: DonnyToAshes

31. “There was a bug on the wall 3 days ago. Obviously we check 3-4 x a day to make sure the beast does not return. He stares at an empty wall for at least ten minutes a day”

Via: grayshush

32. “She fell on the floor and randomly did this”


Via: bubblegum1215

33. “The cat usually sleeps on my bed but I’m staying at a friends tonight. My sister just sent me this…”

Via: harrysayshello

34. What kind of a cat is this?

Via: verixtheconfused

35. “I was told this belongs here – our kitten’s a bit crazy”


Via: FluffyMaterial

36. When your cat loves tangerines:

Via: AceOfBull

37. “Nothing but elevator music behind those eyes”

Via: Bowling5Soup

38. “She just sits up there and stares menacingly”


Via: falgfalg

39. “he’s fine he just does this for attention”

Via: afterlifedating

40. “Upsidedown pancake”

Via: DeButtes

41. “These two always stare into nothing… but always at the same fixed point. What kind of ghost stays in place like that?”


Via: lurkergirl_sit

42. “he’s still got some life left, he’s just really ugly” – El Scrumpo’s vet

Via: grayshush

43. “Disguising herself as a shoe”

Via: Love_n0te

44. “What’s wrong with this cat? He thinks he is a croissant”


Via: Kriss_Kiss

45. “We were wondering why we kept finding hair in the Brita until we saw this when the lid was off to refill…”

Via: hereforthebooooze

46. “He’s not very good at hide-and-seek”

Via: paintingcatlady

47. I need a Cherry Vanilla Coca Cola:


Via: MotherGoatsMalk

48. “We named him potatoe before we knew his personality but he certainly lives up to the name.”

Via: LadyJane17

49. “I was just trying to reorganize my drawer”

Via: sydgc

50. “The shedding season has begun.”

Via: topaz1367

Did you enjoy scrolling down this list of “what’s wrong with my cat?” Comment down to let us know. If you are a cat owner, let us know what’s wrong with your cat?


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