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Cats On Catnip: A Hilarious Compilation Of Cats Going Crazy

Ever wondered why are our kitties so obsessed with catnip? Well, the reason will have you convinced and you’ll automatically agree to the fact that the kitties too need some time off from the stressors around. Catnip comes from the mint family of plants, its natural oil extract when sniffed or licked by the cat, stimulates the secretion of pheromones which makes the cat go nuts. Catnip has also been labeled as Meowijuana, your cat will love being high on it. There’s an interesting fact about this plant, hunters used it to trap big cats in the previous times.

While the world celebrates 420, our kitties should be given an equal chance to lay back and enjoy the euphoria. It’s a pleasure to watch the felines get high on catnip and be the craziest form of themselves. Either your furball will become super active or become a lazy loaf, either way, it’s a hilarious sight. Usually, the narcotic products create a feeling of numbness while considering humans but a kitty who is on catnip would be deeply enjoying itself, that’s how the feline mood gets altered while dosing on catnip. People were asked to spill out their cats’ stories of being high on catnip and they shared some insanely funny witnesses.

If you and your cat are thinking of staying in on 4/20, this one is for you!

1. Parents are out kind of party it was

via Christina Jones

2. Hiding from real-life shit in his own little world

via Crystal Newton

3. Be a sleepy couch pouch

via Justin Nicoloff

4. Living his best life

via Wendy Brown

5. Keeping up with the repute

via Shelby Lawrence

6. zoned out

via Sarah Jeffries

There isn’t a certain dose that could define how much effect there is going to be on the cat, it solely depends on how the cat’s system responds. There’s no evidence found that either the catnip poses any health concern to the cat’s health or not but it sure does take our felines to another world. Researchers state that by sniffing on the catnip the cat’s happy receptors get turned on whereas eating it may have an opposite effect, the cat might feel low rather being excited. It might take as short as 10 minutes for your cat to zone out of catnip and as long as 10 hours to finally get back in its senses.

Imagine your cat partying with the boys and smoking the hell out of that catnip, living its best life the whole night. Turns up at the door the next morning high above the sky. What a funny scene it would be!

7. Done for the day

via Linda LaBeau

8. What you lookin’ at Hooman

via Paul Rinaudo

9. Gotta love the chicken

via Ross Hawes

10. Wash those dirty deeds off

via Christa Limone

11. Getting his life together

via Susan Carter Emerson

12. He’s probably admiring the man-made sun we have in our room

via Gary Beadle

13. Happy MEOWIJUANA day kitty!

via Bridget Krawcheck

A kitty who is on catnip would definitely look like someone who has been drinking too much lately, the goofy actions would have you in hysterics! Let not the kitty be too agitated or the excitement could turn into aggression real soon. Let them enjoy, while it lasts.

What does your cat do while being high on catnip? Do let us know about the catnip madness in the comments section below!


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