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20 Hilarious Reactions Of Cats To Events That Are Entirely “New” To Them


Cats have an odd reaction when they see a cucumber. That is because cucumbers look, smell, and taste a lot like snakes do, to cats, which is why they’re afraid of them. Cats, by nature, are quick-thinking creatures who must act swiftly to protect themselves. In this situation, that means “leaving ASAP.” Cucumbers aren’t the only thing cats “misunderstand,” as they do with a variety of other objects on a daily basis. Thanks to these cat owners for capturing and sharing pictures of their feline friends’ confused expressions. These photos definitely bring smiles to our faces.

We’ve gathered some of the funniest animal reactions we could find, and we’re sure these images will make you giggle. So, scroll down and enjoy them.

1. This cat didn’t even notice this ticking clock. 

Via EmmiTea / Reddit

“My cat just noticed that we have a ticking clock on our living room wall. We’ve been living here for 2 years.”

2. I hate you Hooman. 

Via  envydub / Reddit

 “What do you mean, ’rabies vaccine!?’”

3. Those expressions are so aww-dorable.

Via SBpotomus / Reddit

“She can hear the plumbers working in the basement to repair a leak.”

4. You can tell this cat is feeling things because of its fur.

Via  sHIKIY / Reddit

“I was eating an extra-strong Halls cough drop and blew in his direction.”

5. Why don’t you let me sleep peacefully?

Via  KettleQueen / Reddit

“I walked in and lifted the blanket while he was fast asleep.”

6. Hey buddy!

Via DwigtGroot / Reddit

“Unappreciated boop”

7. Hooman, are you serious? I don’t want to have any more kitties, please.

Via bananapie-12 / Reddit

 “The look she gave me when I told her she wasn’t going to be an only kitty anymore”

8. When your parents say, “We need to talk,”

Via Cattinamerica / Reddit

 “Somebody walked up the stairs.”

9. What is your problem man?

Via midweststarfish / Reddit

 “I sang his name really loud.”

10. Stop working and feed me!! I am hungry.

Via friendlynoodless / Reddit

“Caught my cat staring at me like this.”

Photographs of kittens who were once afraid of the world have been shared with us by the people who took them, who in turn shared the tales behind them. These are still not enough, we have compiled some more amazing pictures to make your day.

11. Hilarious Ex-purrr-essions..

Viatacos_fall_apart / Reddit

 “My cat Tuna Fish’s reaction to seeing me in the bath. She’s the most expressive cat I’ve ever had!”

12. What are those flying creatures?

Via  indecisjve / Reddit

 “It was her first time seeing birds.”

13. Those eyes… they are mesmerizing

Via owlbirb / Reddit
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 “Help, I accidentally adopted a fruit bat!”

14. Hey, stop poking me hooman.

Via nop*ta / Reddit

 “I poked my cat.”

15. Mood.

Via  Siri_Keeton / Reddit

“Marvel the cat’s reaction to 2020”\

16. Waiting for someone to bring her treats.

Via D DragonfireEsq / Reddit

 “People were walking outside.”

17. Sur-purr-rised.

Via  Luciditi89 / Reddit

 “Something outside surprised her mid-lick.”

18. Take me back inside.

Via  jhood9 / Reddit

“She wasn’t a fan of the snow.”

19. Can I please play with your toy?

Via  -Xyriene- / Reddit

“I had the audacity to interrupt playtime.”

20. Mommies are the best.

Via Unkown / Reddit

 “My mom gave me a little woolen version of my cat.”

Is your cat’s behavior making you think you’re the only one with a crazy feline buddy? If so, why don’t share your cat’s expressions with us in the comments section below? Also, don’t forget to share these purr-fect and hilarious photos with your pet-loving friend to bring a spark to their day.


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