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15 Of The Most Hilarious Cat Snaps On Snapchat

Cat Snapchats are awwdorable.

If you are a cat owner, how is it possible you don’t take your cat’s snaps? Our lovely felines are too cute not to capture them in Snapchat and share them with the World. The world of Snapchat is crazy and so are our adorable little cats. When cats and Snapchat meet, the results are hilarious. We love to see cats on Snapchat and we are sure you will too. We have made a purrfect collection of the cat Snapchats that you would not only love but they will also make you laugh out loudly. Scroll down and enjoy!


1. She is the new kid in the house.

Source: Reddit

2. New neighbors are surprised to see us.


3. Is this how you get a cat?


Source: AfroCircuit

4. That moment when you realize your rug has eyes.


Source: SgtJim

5. Get ready for the fight.


Source: Matind

6. When you wake up in the middle of the night and find your cat like this:


Source: jaker2343

7. I will leave my mark wherever I go.


Source: DrWhoodles

8. Is she wearing a cozy jacket?


Source: imsozzy

Girl, are you for real? How can someone be so furry and so fluffy? We would love to give her some belly rubs. Her fur looks like a warm jacket. What can be cooler than having a different colored fur? If we owned her, we would have never stopped taking her snaps because her beauty is irresistible and can make anyone fall in love with her.

9. What a creative kitty!


Source: FranktheDork

10. I need someone to look at me like that.


Source: Kris-P

11. When you are done being a cat.

Source: Ericadiane423

12. She was not expecting this.


Source: realtalk505

13. Something is fishy.

Source: Beeka-Beeka-Chuu

14. That moment when you are trying to steal food in the middle of the night but get caught.


Source: toncinap

15. This adorable kitty is obsessed with bottle lids.

Source: jasonripp

We love how good these cats are at giving expressions. Their purrfect expressions are the reason why they made it to Snapchat and are stealing our hearts with their innocence and adorability. Comment down which of the cat Snapchats did you like the most? If you are a cat owner and love taking your cat’s Snapchats, then don’t forget to share them with us as no one loves cats more than us.


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