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Hilarious Stories Of Heroic Cats Saving Humans From Terrifying Bugs

Have you ever wondered what’s the purpose of having a pet cat? All they do is eat, sleep, run around, and repeat. One may think that’s all they ever do for their entire lives. Or entire nine lives. Maybe that is true… to some extent.


What most of us don’t know, fortunately, is that they are also our bug repellant! Some people have never experienced what it’s like to be scared of all the terrifying bugs that surround us and it shows. Lucky for us, our cats are there to protect us from the creepy crawlers or freaky flyers. For those of us who are unaware, y’all really need to see kitties in action. Once they set their marks, there is no going back. They will make sure they get that bug to surrender or they won’t rest. And we are thankful for that!

Still, having trouble believing us? Well, then it’s a good thing that we have examples from people who have witnessed cats in their real form. Scroll down and check out their real-life stories!

1. Put those spiders away!

Via Lindsey Owen

We don’t wanna see them in our house.

2. Ahh yes, akakakaks, the most ancient way of alerting people.

Via Monica Cutler

3. Gotta assist wherever we can

Via Lana Wegner

4. I have done my job over the year. Now we retire.

Via Sarah Thompson

Their service was greatly appreciated. Let them rest now!

5. Real heroes don’t wear capes.

Via Jeffrey Small

6. Well, there are gentler ways to handle bug situations

Via Alexandre Yaworski

7. Mommy, I broke it again!

Via Tiffany Neukomm

This reminds me of a time when my cat broke a lizard in half. Poor thing was fighting for its life and all my cat could do is just keep hitting it with her paw and making the lizard more injured than before. Merciless behavior. But at least I was saved.

8. The best team – A man and his cat.

Via Pernille Ayres

9. What a sight!

Via Holly Davis

10. I would just run away and never come back

Via Taryn Colmenares

There should be a place for all the insects to go to so that they may never bother a hooman being. Some of us can’t handle them at all! Keep scrolling for more of the bug stories! This is definitely not the end.

11. Torture them.

Via Debra Greer Haas

12. Don’t interrupt the play time!

Via Maggie Stafford

13. That’s a little too much information to process

Via Rebecca Shappell

14. umm.. what?

Via Kallye Berry

15. Here you go, hooman. A gift.

Via Talia Tidge-Sarah West

While we are incredibly thankful to our kitties for having helped us through this situation, disposing of them is something they really need to learn. No, cat, we don’t want it in our beds, foods, etc. Please feel free to just swing it out of the window. We don’t want them near us!

Have you ever experienced something similar? Is your cat also a hunter like the ones in the story? Let us know in the comments section below.


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