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Hilarious Pictures Of Cats Stretching To Infinity

The invention of yoga.

I am totally convinced that cats invented yoga. Their super stretchy and flexible body structure is very fascinating and unique. Their stretching positions are very similar to yoga positions, which makes me believe if yoga was inspired by cats or If cats invented yoga themselves. There is beauty and humor in each and every pose they strike whilst stretching, we can not help but be in awe of their majestic being. We have to take out our cameras and snap pictures. Cats tend to have that effect on humans. They are irresistibly adorable and unavoidable.


Similarly, these cat owners could not resist taking pictures of their cats stretching. Some of their cats look flabbergasted and some look uninterested in the invasion of privacy by their owners. Scroll down to see how yoga was invented…

1. Good sleeping spot.

2. Practising to be superman.


3. She looks so peaceful.


4. Me after a long day at work.


5. You should take permission before snapping pictures, human!


6. He looks half asleep, half awake.


7. I love to sleep in my mommy’s lap.

8. I am convinced, cats invented yoga.

9. Looks like a renaissance painting.

10. I love fluffy cats.


11. What’s…going on?

12. Cutest kitten ever.


13. That cute little smile.

14. How even is this possible!?


15. Weird place to lounge but okay.

16. Ate too much, can not walk.


17. I sleep in the gym, as well.

18. Adorable!

19. I nap wherever I want, Whenever I want.

20. I love cuddles.


21. Why you upside down, human?


22. Dreaming to be superman.

23. I destroy whatever I want. you have no say in it.


24. He hates to wake up.

25. I hate bathing but I love the bathtub.

Cats looking so cute stretching. Apart from the fact how fascinating they are, stretching also has a very meaningful reason. For cats stretching means they are relaxed and comfortable. Cats stretch so they can improve their blood circulation. When cats sleep their blood pressure gets low, so stretching helps to stabilize it. Same for humans. Cats only stretch in front of those who they feel content with. The ones they feel safe and comfortable with. Keep scrolling, there is still some cuteness left…

26. Goodmorning, sunshine!


27. He is tired, leave him be.

28. I do not share.

29. She is in a twist.


30. It was a rough day.

31. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

32. How did she do that!?


33. She looks taller than me.

34. Aww. Sweet!

35. I own the Earth so I lay wherever.


36. He looks in a deep sleep.

37. Did you just steal my spot?

38. That is so human-like.


39. Mama cat does not walk, she rolls on the floor instead.

40. That is one long cat.

41. That looks uncomfortable.


42. I want to give this fluffy baby belly rubs so bad.

43. This my throne, I rule here.

44. He looks like a great cuddle partner.

45. Oh, not you again, human.

46. Looks like a cuter version of bobcat

47. A poser cat.

48. Lazy cat.

49. I act dead so no one bothers me.

50. Cutest clown.

These cats are so cute, I can not stop gushing over them. Each one of them are super adorable and unique in their one way. comment down below to let us know which one cat do you find the cutest?


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