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Animal Shelter Workers Share The Cutest Animal Pics That’ll Melt Your Heart

All animals deserve your love and affection.

Animals are a true blessing. They deserve the best of us humans. We’re not supposed to hunt deers for pride, smack out cats for a laugh, or cut off rhino horns for money. If you do that, buddy lemme tell you, you’ve got it all wrong.


Animals are very complex creatures. They are definitely not easy to understand. One factor being the obvious language barrier. But other than that, they are very mischievous, who knows what purpose are they after. But, they have an open heart just like most of us humans. They like to welcome those who want to be welcome, and they can end you in a split second if they smell danger.

If you manage to connect with these animals, consider yourself extremely lucky because you just got a lifelong companion. And there are no restrictions on who to connect with. From a raccoon to a mountain lion, every single animal in the world can be tamed and become your best friend. You just have to be super patient, trust them, and give everlasting affection…and of course food.

Sometimes these poor animals get abandoned, who then catch the eye of rescuers and are brought in at various shelter homes across the world where they are given a new life, to be fair. Some come injured, some come with broken trust, while the others, just looking for true and pure love.

People who work at these shelters never go there involuntarily. It’s because they have a natural and true love for those animals and actually want to do something for them. Let’s sit back and enjoy these pictures of animals at different shelters having a lot of fun around the volunteers and workers. We guarantee you can never have enough of this.

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1. “I Was Photographing Dogs For The Humane Society And Out Of Nowhere, A Dog Attacked Me”

2. “A Volunteer At Our Local Cat Rescue Turned On The Vacuum” They all look so confused haha!


3. Seems like it is super easy to get distracted at these shelters.


4. “I Work For An Animal Shelter So Sometimes I Foster Kittens. Meet Sunflower” So adorable!


5. “The Cat Shelter I Volunteer With Has A Program That Brings Senior Cats To Visit Seniors In Nursing Homes. This Says It All”


6. Aww! Such a sweetie pie!


7. “Busy Morning, Practising Our Nativity Play At The Shelter” Did you spot the tiny doggo right in the back?


8. “I Work At An Animal Shelter, Today I Turned Around And Caught These Two Staring Me Down”


9. Caught red-handed taking a cat nap


10. “7 Years Ago I Was Raped & Diagnosed With PTSD. 6 Years Ago I Started Working With Wolves As A Form Of Therapy. Today I Run A Wolf Sanctuary And Have Healed More Than I Ever Imagined Possible.”


11. ” A fellow volunteer caught a picture of me getting a hug and a kiss from one of the friendlier Wolves at my local sanctuary”

12. “This pupper was dropped off at the shelter where I work.”


13. There is all sorts of unity at these animal shelters. And this picture is living proof of it.

14. “I volunteer at a local rescue and this happened”


15. “I volunteer at puppy adoption events. This guy was the last in his litter to be picked, so he improvised a cuddle buddy.”

16. “I volunteer at an animal shelter and this little guy turned up as stray.” I don’t think he likes “little guy”


17. Such a perfect moment! Say cheese! or meow.

18. “We pulled this dog from a local animal control agency. She was kind of excited to come with us.” Smile furever, doggo!


19. “This 5-week-old kitten called Sugar just arrived at my shelter. I don’t think she’ll have to wait very long to find a home once she’s old enough.”

20. “This is Armand from the shelter I work at.” This one gets a +1000 for the cutest fur ever.


21. Little kitty: “Mommy, when are we getting out?”

22. “I volunteer at the animal shelter and this is the laziest cat I have ever seen. This is how she was drinking water.”


23. Happy Pitbulls at a shelter

24. “This is what happens when you have a laser pointer and volunteer at an animal shelter.” Lowkey evil!

25. “This is Cheyenne which must mean “Derpy One” in Native American

To be fair, my personal opinion is that animals should not be confined to shelter homes or cages, they should be allowed to live freely with actual owners who love to give them the needed attention and love. They deserve homes, forever homes!

But the presence of these rescue shelters is so important and relevant in today’s time. Without them, the stray and abandoned animals may never be rescued and given a second chance at life. Some may just die walking on the roads hoping that one day someone will come to help, and nobody comes. So I really commend them for the effort these shelter homes make to make all these animals happy and mentally fit to finally be adopted by good families.

26. The Humane Society’s foster carer’s daughter has built a great connection with the kittens


27. “I volunteer at a cat shelter. I thought you might enjoy some of the cats I work with.” Keep em’ coming, we love the pictures!


28. This local shelter hired a professional photographer to take pictures of animals showcasing their personalities. We have a clear winner.

29. “This little nuggets of a cat is why I love volunteering at the animal shelter”


30. “One of the perks for doing it for an animal shelter. This guy had my heart melting.” I think this guy has everyone’s heart melting.

31. “Volunteered at The Humane Society yesterday to take pictures of the new arrivals. This little guy was exceptionally happy.”

32. “They kept telling me that I shouldn’t hold her because she’s shy and doesn’t like people. Then she did this for about ten minutes while refusing to be let go.”


33. Aww! Poor guy looks so disgusted right now.

34. “This little pupper was ditched at my local animal shelter…after hours…in the bushes” We hope he’s safe!

35. A room full of dogogs? Take my money.


36. Who wouldn’t want an office buddy like this?

37. “Before I started traveling, I spent a few days a week volunteering with rescue dogs, cats, foxes, and trash pandas.”

38. “It’s a wonder how we get any work done around here.”  This pic is adorbs!!! Work can wait, just let her nap.


39. “Look at this 2-week old mofo, look at him! At a cat shelter, meet Zander.” Treat him well, hooman!

40. “I volunteer at a shelter and one of the cats there makes this face at people”

41. They’ve got psychiatrist cats at the shelter because sometimes humans need care too


42. We’re sure the JD never said “an easy job”

43. “This is Jinkies. She came to our animal rescue facility with her brother and sister. She has a genetic eye condition which makes her partially blind. That doesn’t stop her though.”

44. First solid meal and he’s got it all over his face. A sign that he loved it and wants more.


45. “Sienna paws at the glass when someone walks by at the shelter. He’s 13”  She’s so welcoming.

46. “Just started volunteering at a wildlife centre. Here is a young raccoon with two broken legs.” We’re sure no disabilities can stop this little guy!

47. “When you don’t feel well, it is nice to know there is someone there to keep you company. Thanks, Echo.” Take care of animals, and they will for sure take care of you


48. “I volunteer at a wildlife rehab. This is our 1-year-old Beaver giving me a hug because she missed me over the winter. Or maybe she wanted the apple I had.” Depends on what it saw first; the hooman or the apple.

49. Chillest cat ever! Why are they so damn cool?

50. Is this what eternal cuteness looks like?

We wish the very best of luck to all these animals in living a super happy life and finding some amazing owners to spend the rest of their lives with.

We hope you really enjoyed this one. Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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