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21 Hilarious Cats That Make Sure Life Is Never Boring

Cats never fail to cheer us up.

Our little furry friends are always there to save the day. No matter how upset you are, after a long day at work when you return home to the cutest “meows” of your cat, all your worries fade away. Their cuddles and purrs just melt your heart and nothing in the world matters to you other than your kitty. Cats are a huge source of emotional support because we consider them family and our best friend as well. However, they also provide us with top-class entertainment. If you have a cat at home, you know you are never bored when they are around.

These fluffy babies can effortlessly crack us up with their crazy shenanigans. If you’ve been upset lately, you have come to the right place. We have compiled some hilariously adorable cats for you that will surely make your day. Scroll down below and enjoy:

1.“Tried to get proof that my cat can jump up to head height when chasing his toy. Didn’t expect the intense mid-air crunches.”

Via u/Cherry_Lipgloss

2. “All that effort just to chew my lampshade…”


Via u/MicroLiz

3. “The only option left is to give pats.”


Via u/izzabizz

4.“Mine and the neighbors’ cat are going to be good buddies, I can tell.”


Via u/SpockVaporizesRock

5. “My cat’s face when he spots the cat food delivery”


Via u/lbcdm

6. “6 years later, still clueless.”


Via u/hurrypotta

7. “I wasn’t eating it, I swear.”


Via u/MisundrstoodDisciple

8. “Spider cat, Spider cat, does whatever a spider cat does”


Via u/randomlycandy

9.”I’m cat-sitting this guy and I think he broke?”


Via u/karahm

10. “This is it, guys. She’s hit peak cute.”


Via u/stayshinycapn

Just look at these crazy little furballs! How can you not fall in love with them? They are just adorable and unintentionally hilarious too. Everything they do is entertaining and we love spending time with our cats. If you’re ever bored, just sit next to a silly catto and you’ll be distracted for hours. Scroll down below for more entertaining cats:

11. “My parents chonk laying on his new spot”

Via u/Toniogkush

12. “My cat turned 3. She was not impressed with the celebrations.”


13. “I think there is something under my sofa.”

Via u/Emmy_Tabby_Moony

14. “No regrets.”


Via u/saviour__self

15. “My cats always do this — sunbathing and/or worshipping the lamp.”

Via u/Madness101101

16. “She looks like she realized she forgot to turn the stove off.”


Via u/Unusual-Albatross

17. “Eating is their favorite part of the day.”

Via u/SqulliamFancyson44

18.“He either missed me or wants food.”


Via u/FartOfAnAngel

19. “The second I turn off the shower”

Via u/betesmeister

20. “Little jerk has no remorse”


Via u/aritee

Man, I don’t know what we would do without cats. Did any of these goofy cattos crack you up? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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