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50 Photos Of Cats Trying To Steal Food And They’re Not Even Sorry

Hunger can make you do stupid things.

Like trying to steal food from a bear when you’re the size of their literal foot. However, nobody has ever credited cats on being geniuses because they usually get themselves into situations they can’t get out of. Although we all know cats can be quite the little schemers when they want something particular. And it’s usually your food.

The little time I have spent with cats has taught me that even if a cat doesn’t want to eat your food, they will steal try to steal it from you. Why? I have no idea but one thing is for sure, never leave anything unattended when you have a cat roaming around. So that is why we thought to pay homage to the best cat thieves out there.

Scroll on below and take a look.

#1 The perfect combination: Cookie and coffee.

Via Kilo Vet

Nobody will notice… oh dewishus chockwate! -Sky

#2 Eyeing the pancake tower.


#3 Starting your first novel.

Via imgur

He is like a grand wizards with his staff. -MáireBreathnach

#4 Like stealing candy from a baby.

Via unknown

#5 The enticing smell of smoked fish.


And he didn’t choose the smallest one! -RebeccaDogson

#6 You can’t catch me if you don’t see me.

Via unknown

#7 Trying hard to reach that milk.

Via Adrian Davies

My cat does this!! Only when she can’t get her head in the glass, she’ll put her paw in the milk! Also I will leave cream out for my coffee, leave the room, and come back to see her with her paw in my cream! -tenshi0tsubasa

#8 Dream of getting into the aquarium.

Via Lisha721

#9 With the help of this balloon, everything is possible.

Via Sergey

I awoke in the night thinking an alien was crossing my room. It was Bamboo kitty with a helium ballon on a ribbon. Valium time. -Carolyn Payne

#10 Why do only rabbits get to eat carrots?

Via mostbeautifulpages

#11 Dream that is too big to be fulfilled.

Via unknown

He really has bitten off more than he can chew! -DMJackson

#12 Fresh milk out of the bucket.

Via onemillionpictures

#13 Prosciutto is her favorite snack.

Via HogaVII

Look at those eyes, you can’t even punish him, he is too cute. -JeanneDeaux

#14 A thief trying not to get caught.

Via Yoshinao Tanaka

#15 ‘You can’t catch me in this tree.’

Via kotofoto

Where am I gonna hide these? -RhondaWhisenhunt

#16 Drinking milk that is heavier than himself.

Via unknown

#17 Leftover pizza is the best.

Via Jason Pointer

Don’t mind if I do…. -RhondaWhisenhunt

#18 ‘I wasn’t doing anything wrong!’

Via Mariana Bida

#19 Who doesn’t like the sugary taste of Starbucks?

Via unknown

That’s gotta be some yummy tea. -beautifuldisaster

#20 ‘Let me eat some of that cheese!’

Via williamkendallbooks

#21 She is the breadwinner in the family.

Via oscci

“Must hide this so human not put on face.” -Erin Aquino-Carhart

#22 It seems he isn’t a big fan of bread.

Via animals

#23 Reaching towards the sky.

Via Jaep Kees Reitsma

That’s not something you see everyday lol. -MiriahSzymanski

#24 He is going to regret ever trying to steal the paprika.

Via Katkamin

#25 Cold salami is the best.

Via Jarvi

#26 Vanilla ice-cream is so boring though.

Via animals

#27 ‘I’ll be taking some croutons, thank you’

Via Julie

I just wanted a bite. What’s wrong with a bite? Hmmm? -RhondaWhisenhunt

#28 A fish is a cat’s ‘best friend’.

Via unknown

#29 Very apropos indeed.


No crumpet… tea…’s just not done. -Brenda Sabo

#30 He is a baby too so it’s fine.

#31 I presume she is having one of those hard days.

I’ll just take this. -Oreo211

#32 Raw chicken isn’t best for your fur pal.


#33 One shrimp won’t hurt, right?

Via Lefty Jordan

They’ll never miss it, it’s not like they counted all these…um…they didn’t did they? -Brenda Sabo

#34 ‘How do I get out of this hooman?’

“Is the mouse gone? is it safe to come down again?”


#35 ‘I hate straws!’


#36 ‘And I’m away.’

Via Lori Briningen

#37 Hunger can be a powerful source.

Amazing how common sense goes out the window when hunger is involved. -JennyJones

#38 I can see he has a sweet tooth.

Via Joy The Baker

#39 Only the best for this kitty.

Via Evgenia Plevo

#40 When it’s the heatwave.

My cat comes out of nowhere when I’m having waffles! She has a sweet tooth. Not that I blame her – maple syrup is irresistible. -AmandaWhittaker

#41 ‘I can smell the delicious meat.’


#42 ‘Just give it to me hooman!’

#43 ‘Some pretzels for me as well.’

Via followthebunny

Blue dog just chilling in the background. -Annie722

#44 ‘Are you preparing that for me?’


#45 He only wanted to join the tea party.

Kermit isn’t eating it anyhow. -Brenda Sabo

#46 Pizza is made for sharing.

Via unknown

I say that knowing I just finished a whole pizza by myself and I regret nothing.

#47 Drinking water out of a glass, like a civilized kitty.


This was my sweet boy Wuzzy, who passed away last month at 10 yrs old. This is one of my favorite memories of him. -JasonTsay

#48 ‘Can I join?’

#49 ‘I was just browsing.’

#50 Without the peanut butter?

Via attackofthecute

What did you think of these cat burglars? Comment down below and let’s know if your kitty does anything similar and which food they prefer.


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