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Japanese Couple Takes Hysterical Pics Of Their Cats Watching Them Eat

This Japanese couple decided to capture the reactions of their kitties watching their hoomans feast.

Cats are a blessing to us humans. And we humans should definitely be a blessing to them. These cute kittens love all the affection they can get. And the next best thing on their list of daily requirements is…!


Cats love to eat. There is no question about it. Different cats have different preferences but in general terms, cats love eating meat. Be it Turkey, Beef, or Chicken, they would like em’ all.

Cats require a lot of protein to maintain a healthy reproductive system, nice and strong vision and have healthy organs. The owners recognize that and feed their cats so they can be stronger and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Cats are really quick to understand and adapt to schedules and household routines. Within a week of properly connecting with its hoomans, they know everything that happens in the house and at what time. Sometimes, these kitties rush and settle in front of their dishes while the food is yet to be served. So precise!

This story of two cats owned by a Japanese couple is kinda different in its own amusing way. Rather than wanting to eat all the delicious, mouth-watering food on the table, these cats would join their hoomans as soon as the dinner is served, and watch them eat their food. Yes! You heard that right. These cute kittens find joy and enjoyment in watching their parents eat.

The Japanese couple realized that this has been happening consistently and the cats haven’t missed a single day, so they decided to photograph the reactions of their cats on the dinner table, and trust us they are absolutely adorable!

Let’s enjoy them together!

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“Mommy? Can we have a taste?” This mouth-watering food can impact anyone’s intentions!

Ladies and Gentlemen, bow down for the queens of the house.


“Mummy wait let us inspect the food for you first.” You just couldn’t resist!


“Woah! This Ramen looks so yummy today.”


Look at this awestruck white kitty as realizes there are custom cat-shaped pancakes today!


These kitties are ready to negotiate for a couple of bites….each!


Aww, look at these innocent kitties. They really deserve to enjoy this meal.


The white puss be like, “Listen hooman! That all, needs to go in there (her mouth).”


You really can’t make this sort of stuff up. These cats look so gorgeous, and adorable. Just look at their different reactions. The couple obviously recognizes those innocent kitty eyes and they definitely share the meal with their pet cats.

One thing is for sure, this mouth-watering Japanese food, got the exact reaction that it deserved, Love these cats!

Let’s enjoy some more of these reactions.

“Quick! Grab it. No one’s watching. Quick!!”


Awwwwwww! Just look at those eyes…Small kitty is like, “That’s the real sh*t right there yo!”


“Ha! Ha! Ha! Very funny, hoomans.”

This kitty is signaling her mommy that those tempuras are about to go down.


Kitty on the right does not look amused with the food today. The left one can’t contain her emotions!

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“Can we have the leftovers, guys?”


“Hands up! You have lost the right to touch this food. You have the right to remain silent.”

“Is that a cat-themed….*starts crying*”


These images were absolutely hilarious and fun to watch. We had a great time compiling this story for you guys.

One thing, that we really admire, is that the owners definitely involve their cats in their lives as their own. Notice how the majority of the food in those pictures was themed around the two cats.

We can’t deny the fun intention behind this all idea of the cat owners, but we can’t go without saying that the cats feel like they are at home and enjoying their time to their fullest. That’s all we want, don’t we?

We hope you enjoyed this story. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below.


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