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22 Cats Who Know Who’s The Boss In The House And Clearly It’s Not Their Humans

If you have a cat around at home, you’ll be well aware of the fact that cats are extremely dominant in nature. These furballs would literally give a damn about the rules you set for your home, they consider themselves exempted from all the rules or regulations rather they set the rules for you. But who minds it? No one! Those adorable little paws and sweetest meows would make you give up on the whole wide world just to make your cat happy.

These purring goddesses clearly know how to define ‘ Who is the boss here ‘ and it’s none other than your feline highness, of course. If you think you own a cat, then my friend you need to give yourself a reality check and rephrase the sentence as your cat owns you. These rebellious furry companions of ours exactly know how to break away from all the restrictions and rule freely. The word ‘NO’ is out of their dictionary, these charming paw-some monsters do whatever they feel like. Despite all this, I am sure y’all would still want to have a kitty around and be happily ruled by these queens. Here are some similar instances where the poor owners gave up on their will and chose the cats as their absolute bosses.

Let’s give you an assurance of how you aren’t alone in surrendering before your kitty for them being so precious to you. Scroll away to see, how these kitties aren’t even guilty for shamelessly bossing their humans around!

1. Whose the gaming boss here?

via Wildwildworld

2. Meow, I am a bird and I will build my nest wherever I want

via spineofgod9

3. I decide when you’ll leave, human

via FatBryatt

You’re a full-time employee and your cat’s the real boss, just a boss who pays you in cuddles and licks rather than in dollars.

4. Fresh out of the oven

via kingonxhe

My cat’s logic of keeping itself warm and no one’s complaining about it.

5. I thought we were eating out today?

via  FatBryatt 

Something’s definitely cooking and only the cat knows what.

6. When he tries taking your girl away

via DressageDiva2You

7. Mode freeze, ACTIVATE

via Wildwildworld

“My cat can’t stand hugs.”

8. Cat food or cat in the food?

via defectiveintellect 

9. That’s our favorite show, human

via Almost_a_Full_Moon

“Every time I try to play the Sims…”

10. How dare you open that box? let me have my privacy

via skank__hunt

11. You slept when YOU wanted, Now you’ll wake up when I want

via  tylerlerler 

12. My most favorite ornament

via  Slamtastick

“My cat has the entire house to sit in, but settled for a plate of glitter cones.” The cat wants what it wants….

13. Peacefully sleeping after shameless wrecking the house

via Bakeneko

Many of you cat owners could relate to at least one of the instances. Cats are pretty expressive in exhibiting their feelings especially if they’re annoyed or disgusted. If you try restricting these kitty monsters from something, they’ll throw a tantrum right back at you and still make sure to do what you stopped them from. Despite all, our love for them takes down everything and you can’t help stepping aside from your stance to let them be the boss.

14. Apparently my CAT is very COOL

via Savannaman1

15. Food above frost (frost-bite)

via  zlocia

16. The meowing murderers

via ismphoto123

17. All she wanted for Christmas was a plastic bag to sleep in

via katherinetori 

“She has an $80 cat bed, and yet she’s been sleeping in this bag for 2 days now and won’t get out.”

18. You’re on my mind 24/7, LITERALLY

via  DiMoS1988 

19. 404 Error, cat on the router

via MademoiselleWhy

20. Can I try now?

via KellyGreen55555

21. On the top of my world

via funnyfacehehe 

22. He only likes being petted when he wants, or else this is what you’ll be seeing

via AlmightyOne23

Days would be dull and grey if your cat stops bossing you around, so it’s totally fine to let them be in charge. If you have come across similar encounters during your unpaid job at the kitty office, do let us know about it in the comments!


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