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30 Of The Naughtiest Cats Who Refused To Be Obedient

You cannot control a cat especially if it’s a mischievous cat.

If you are a cat owner, you know how cats really are. The cute-looking fluffy cats with the most innocent faces are not that innocent. They can be mischievous and feel no guilt about it. Our proud cats would ruin/break things and literally feel no shame. You can never hold them accountable for their mischiefs. No matter how much you try to train them to behave nicely but they would refuse to disobey you and we guess it’s in their nature. You know, how obsessed we are with cats and today we have made a list of the naughtiest cats who have refused to be good babies. Scroll down to see what their owners have to go through on a daily basis.


1. Expect the unexpected.

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2. She needs your attention every time.


via: Captain-Stubbs

3. Okay, kitty!


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4. She likes adventures.


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5. She likes making mess.


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6. Give it to me and answer my questions.


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7. I did it, now what?


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8. Tucker is lost since morning.


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9. That sock is mine!


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10. Her favorite show I guess.


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11. Our cat loves proving him wrong.

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12. There is no privacy in this house.


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13. Both have problems.

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14. How dare you give attention to crafts?


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15. Surprise, hooman!

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Cats are complicated, you cannot simply understand them fully. They would do the most unexpected things and surprise you every time with their naughtiest stunts. Try to enjoy some “me time” and your kitty would invade your privacy, turn on the TV to watch something and she would be sitting in front of the TV blocking the whole view. Buy planters and she would love to break, clean your fridge and guess what? She would be laying in there like a queen. Our adorable kitties have refused to behave well.

16. The invoice said “chewy” and she just tried it.


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17. She can sit wherever she wants to.

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18. What an artist I am!


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19. She was hungry.

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20. He is innocent!


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21. We need to upgrade our garden.

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22. When she needs space.


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23. When she wants to tease you.

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24. She wanted to stalk on our neighbors.

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25. Peek-a-boo!

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26. The best marketing strategy ever!


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27. She can never act normal.


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28. I swear, it wasn’t ME.

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29. I didn’t drop it.


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30. Because $200 textbook feels comfier to sit.

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You know it’s a $200 textbook but she doesn’t. No matter how many times you warn her not to sit on your textbook but she would surprise you with a butt print on the page. These cats have refused to disobey but we have a soft corner for them. Do you own a naughty cat? How do you deal with him/her? Let us know in the comments below!


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