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11 Celebrities Who Have An Exotic Pet As Part Of Their Family

Animals are respected throughout the world for their love, support, loyalty, and their will to be there for their owner through their time! Just like us, ordinary people, celebrities love their animals just the way we do and they do share their life with pets on their social platforms.

What is rather ironic is the fact that we consider pets like cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, etc. On the other hand of the spectrum comes these celebrities who have adopted extravagant, exotic species of animals with whom they share a special sentimental value which is no less charming.

1. Amanda Seyfried shared her cute moments with her horse and little chicken who she calls her pets.

Via © mingey / Instagram© mingey / Instagram

The farmhouse in northern New York that she owns, she enjoys her time with such adorable animals with whom she snuggles while taking cute pictures on her Instagram. Obviously, she spends her time there with such pets while she gets back home to her usual, cats and dogs.

2. Such an exquisite lynx owned by Vanilla Ice

Via © vanillaiceofficial / Instagram

Ualarú (a type of marsupial) is owned by the rapper who ran away from home and he really exhibits his interest in exotic animals. Jynx (his lynx), gets treated just the way he would treat a cute small kitten.

3. Jennifer Garner is having the time of her life sharing her chickens’ first birthday.

Via © jennifer.garner / Instagram

Chicks are just too adorable and since they aren’t just farm animals, they truly add up to the adventure. Jennifer Garner really enjoyed watching them giving birth to eventually celebrating their birthdays.

4. These phenomenal Savannah cats owned by Justin Beiber are too precious.

Via © kittysushiandtuna / Instagram

Way back, Justin Beiber had one of his capuchin monkeys, he soon had graduated from being the guardian to one, to become a guardian of 2 Savvanah cats which is from crossing an African several and a domestic cat. They both have their own Instagram accounts after getting all the love from the couple.

5. Mike Tyson and his love for pigeons.

Via  © miketyson / Instagram

He owns three albino tigers that he used to walk around without the fear of them being harmful. Since childhood, his love for pigeons increased allowing him to breed and take care of them.

6. Table for 3; donkey, pony, and the famous, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Via Instagram

The former governor and actor invite his friends, Lulu and Whiskey, his respective animals to share some food with him and shared the pictures on Instagram. He and his adorable pets live together.

7. Salma Hayek is having her moment with that head massage.

Damn that looks fun!

8. Mayim Bialik adopted this rather interesting Peterbald cat.

Via © missmayim / Twitter

The most exquisite part of these cats is they are hairless and that makes them a bit more exotic. They however are very soft as they have some invisible fur on them though some people just do not like it as compared to all the other cats.

These exotic animals are not easy to look after and they are one of a kind which requires a lot of care and love to keep them healthy. On the other hand, you also have to look after their special food requirements which certainly isn’t an easy task at all!

9. Tori Spellings has a lizard and several little pigs!

Via © torispelling / Instagram

Since the past of her dressing up her chickens, coco and taking them on walks everywhere was cute, she really enjoys the company of animals and the little pig recently just become a mom which is so overwhelming to see. They also adopted a bearded dragon.

10. Kristen Stewart lovers her wolf dogs a bit too much than usual.

Via Instagram

This star from the twilight saga is fond of her wolf-dog hybrid. Her mother rescued this species a while back and they live on a vast land with the star, there are 4 in total alongside a kitten.

11. Tippi Herden and her daughter Melanie Griffith used to live with a peaceful lion.

Via Instagram

Here’s Melanie alongside her mother in the 1970s.

These exotic animals are too adorable and are pristine. They require a lot to look the way they look. Which one of these animals inspired you the most to get one for yourself? I surely cannot even imagine how they have the courage to keep lions in the same place as to where they live.


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