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11 Movie Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers By Taking On The Wrong Role

Choosing the right role can turn an actor into a star, while one bad role can take it all away.

Celebrities don’t like to look bad. They want their image to look as neat and clean as possible. And most of them in the industry hire expensive managers, publicists, and god knows what to maintain a nice image before the world.

It takes time and way too much effort for an actor to be recognized as a star celebrity. One major part of this journey is selecting a good role. It really plays a major impact on you as an actor and your reputation to the audience. And trust, all celebrities care only about their reputation, at the end of the day. You see, had Alan Rickman not played Severus Snape, it would’ve never worked out. Or imagine, had Tom Cruise taken on that role, I think his career would’ve ended there and then. So selecting the role you plan on committing your next 100 or 150 days to, as a celebrity, is very important because it can for sure make or break you.

Today, we are going to dig into this a bit more and take a look at 11 celebrities who literally ruined their entire career by taking on the wrong role. That’s all it takes, ladies and gentlemen.

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1. Alicia Silverstone went down with her work in Batman & Robin.

Alicia gained proper fame after her work in the movie Clueless. She worked as a lead in that movie and went on to perform many successful roles until Batman & Robin knocked on her door.

Her role in Batman & Robin took her career down. She was heavily criticized for her work and her body form. The hit was so hard that she stopped acting for many years and is yet to be seen taking on an important role.

Source: © Clueless / Paramount Pictures and co-producers, © Batman & Robin / Warner Bros. Entertainment and co-producers

2. Adam Sandler went down with his work in Jack and Jill.


Adam Sandler was the hero of the 90s era. He was cast in many films during that period. His best pictures, according to his fans, were Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison and both movies came out in the 1990s as well.

Soon, though, the critics started to get bored of his jokes and similar kinds of acting, and Adam Sandler with down after the release of his movie Jack and Jill. It got him a lot of Golden Raspberries for his role in that movie.

Source: © Billy Madison / Universal Pictures and co-producers, © Jack and Jill / Columbia Pictures and co-producers

3. Chris O’Donnell went down with his work in Batman & Robin.


O’Donnell was considered the heartthrob of the 1990s winning many Hollywood blockbusters to his name. After working as Dick Grayson in Batman Forever it was considered this role will take O’Donnell to new heights.

But reprising Dick Grayson in Batman & Robin ruined everything for him It was declared the worst film of all time by critics and O’Donnell drowned in that flood as well.

Source: © Scent of a Woman / Universal Pictures and co-producers, © Batman & Robin / Warner Bros. Entertainment and co-producers

4. Hilary Duff went down with her work in The Haunting of Sharon Tate.


Hilary Duff became an idol for teenagers with her work in the movie The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Her work as a supporting actress in many rom-com movies and worked pretty well for her. She also released some music CDs that were well-received but her movie work soon started to take a hit.

It all went downhill for the actress when she got cast as Sharon Tate in the movie The Haunting of Sharon Tate. The critics absolutely hated her work in that movie but according to the actress, it was a huge honor playing the role.

Source: © The Lizzie McGuire Movie / Disney Channel and co-producers, © The Haunting of Sharon Tate / ETA Films and co-producers

5. Colin Farrell went down with his work in Alexander.


Colin’s work in the biopic Alexander almost ruined his career. He even considered quitting the profession after receiving a lot of criticism.

However, years later, he managed to win the hearts of his fans and interest many directors with his amazing work in the movie In Bruges. 

Source: © In Bruges / Blueprint Pictures and co-producers, © Alexander / Warner Bros. Entertainment and co-producers

It is so crazy what one bad decision did for these actors and actresses. Just goes on to show, no matter how big of a success you become, a bad decision is a bad one and it will always have deep consequences. You cannot think you can nail every single role this is play just because you are a superstar. And the proof is right in front of you guys.

6. Meg Ryan went down with her work in Proof Of Life.


Meg Ryan, well known as the queen of rom-com movies, gained true fame with her work in the movie When Harry Met Sally. The 1989 release ended up being the highest-grossing movie of that year and paved the way for Meg Ryan to play similar roles in the years to come.

Ryan did great in the 90s but her career got ruined in the 2000s. During the filming of Prof of Life, Ryan got rumored to be involved with Russel Crowe and the whole series of scandals and rumors brought the actress down.

Source: © When Harry Met Sally… / Castle Rock Entertainment and co-producers, © Proof of Life / Castle Rock Entertainment and co-producers

7. Megan Fox went down with her work in Jennifer’s Body.


Megan Fox became a hot topic after her work in the movie Transformers. In the year 2008, she was declared the most attractive woman in the world by FHM Online.

Based on her good performance she was cast as the lead actress in the movie Jennifer’s Body. She faced a lot of criticism for her work in the movie and it was said that the directors only hired her for her looks and nothing else. Ever since Megan has never been regarded as an actress.

Source: © Transformers / DreamWorks Pictures and co-producers, © Jennifer’s Body / Fox Atomic and co-producers

8. Nicolas Cage went down with his work in The Wicker Man.


Nicolas Cage is one of those honored actors who have won an Academy Award. He also gained proper fame from the movie he won this award for, Leaving Las Vegas. He was then a part of many successful hits like Raising Arizona and Adaptation.

The streak broke with the release of The Wicker Man. Nicolas Cage was heavily criticized for overacting and for being all over the place in the movie.

Source: © Leaving Las Vegas / Lumiere Pictures and co-producers, © The Wicker Man / Warner Bros. and co-producers

9. Michael Fassbender went down with his work in The Snowman.


Although Michael Fassbender joined Hollywood at a very late age, he was quick to gain fame thanks to his diverse acting roles. Macbeth is considered one of his best movies, and one of the best Shakespearean adaptions. The actor also won an Academy Award nomination for his brilliant performance as Steve Jobs.

One bad performance and it all went down. The actor’s work in the movie The Snowman was terrible and was heavily criticized.

Source: © Macbeth / See-Saw Films and co-producers, © The Snowman / Another Park Film and co-producers

10. Taylor Lautner went down with his work in Abduction.


After his work as Jacob in the movie series Twilight, Taylor was quick to win millions of hearts all over the world. But his work in the last Twilight movie was heavily criticized and he also won a Golden Raspberry Award for it.

Somewhere in between the third and fourth Twilight movies, he also gave a terrible performance in the heavily criticized movie Abduction.

It is still unclear as to whether the Twilight movies caused the downtrend to begin or if was it the movie Abduction.

Source: © The Twilight Saga: New Moon / Temple Hill Entertainment and co-producers, © Abduction / Lionsgate and co-producers

11. Orlando Bloom went down with his work in Elizabethtown

It almost feels like Orlando was born to play the role he did in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was so impressive and rightfully got him the fame he deserved.

The hurdle to his success became his role as Drew Baylor in the rom-com Elizabethtown. One wrong decision and it all went bad for the actor.

Source: © The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring / New Life Cinema and co-producers, © Elizabethtown / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Who would you add to this list?

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