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30 Of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Are Also Well-Known Cat People

One thing common in us and our favorite celebrities is the love for cats.

Since we all love cats, what can be better than seeing your favorite celebrities with cats? Yes, we are right. Celebrities also love cats as we do. How would you feel to see Gigi Hadid holding her cat or Katy Perry with her cats? Wow, that would be a surprising moment for you to find out that your favorite celebrity that you adore, adores cats. Celebrities are also like common people who have a soft corner for the little felines. Some celebrities openly show their love for their cats but there are some celebrities we never knew could be cat lovers. Today, we have made a lovely collection of photos of your favorite celebrities with their cats and we are sure they will melt your heart. So, scroll down and enjoy!


1. Our favorite Gigi Hadid with her kitten.

Source: therealcleohadid

2. Drew Barrymore with her three kittens.


Source: drewbarrymore

3. Ed Sheeran and his little baby.


Source: teddysphotos,EdSheeranMusic

4. Kesha with her fluffer.


Source: iiswhoiis

5. Ian Somerhalder loves his cat.


Source: iansomerhalder

6. Nicole Kidman owns an adorable kitty.


Source: nicolekidman

7. Katy Perry is a true cat lover.


Source: katyperry

8. Hayley Bieber and her cats.


Source: kittysushiandtuna

9. Taylor Swift and her cats.


Source: taylorswift

10. Mayim Bialik.


Source: missmayim

11. Russell Brand is a cat person.

Source: russellbrand

12. Jay Baruchel caught loving his cat.


Source: jonathanadamsaundersbaruchel

13. Kat Denning with her cats.

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Source: katdenningsss

14. Martha Stewart with her lovely cats.


Source: marthastewart48

15. Salma Hayek with her fluffy catto.

Source: yourcatwasdelicious

All these celebrities never shy away from showing their love for their four-legged friends and we are drooling over these adorable photos of our celebrities. These photos show the kind side of our celebrities. Well, cats are adorable creatures. They are fluffy and cute and can make anyone fall in love with their cuteness. Scroll down to check out more of the celebrities who are well-known cat people.

16. Macklemore’s selfies with his cat.


Source: cairothekat

17. Robert Downey Jr. with his cat.

Source: robertdowneyjr

18. Isla Fisher’s cat.


Source: islafisher

19. Do you even know Ellie Goulding has a cat?

Source: elliegoulding

20. Mandy Moore.


Source: mandymooremm

21. Gilles Marini has a cat and a doggo.

Source: GillesMarini

22. Hideo Kojima.


Source: hideo_kojima

23. James Franco, a proud dad of a kitten.

Source: officialjamesfrancoo

24. Jenna Fischer and her cat.

Source: msjennafischer

25. Ricky Gervais.

Source:  rickygervais

26. Alexander Vlahos with his cat.


Source: alexvlahosofficial

27. Keegan Allen.


Source: tynthecat

28. Alison Brie.

Source: Alison Brie

29. Dita Von Teese travelling with her cat.


Source: ditavonteese

30. Peyton Clark with his derp.

Source: peytonpclark

This wholesome collection of our celebrities with their cats proves how our lovely felines can make anyone fall for them. These photos have made our day. What about you? Did you already know your fav celeb was a cat person or you get to know it today? Comment down to let us know who your fav celebrity is.


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