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22 Senior Pets That Are Never Too Old To Shower Us With Love

We should be grateful for the presence of our grandparents and other elderly people in our lives. Love and blessings flow freely from their hearts to us. We all have fond memories of walking with our parents or riding on their shoulders as children. When we witness our parents or elders get old and wrinkled, it’s hard not to feel emotional. It’s all part of the normal flow of our lives, and we’ll just have to deal with it. There is nothing we can do about it, and there is nothing we can do to prevent our elders from aging, either.


The same goes for our pets. We don’t want them to be too old to play with us. But rather than focusing on their growing age, we should be grateful for the time we had with them. Their love for us will never fade, no matter how old and wrinkly they may appear to be anyway.

We’ve put up a collection of heartwarming images of pets as they get older and more wrinkled. So, here they are, scroll down to have a look at them:

1. A 10-years old happy doggo.

Via  linkersthedog / Reddit

“This is my old boy, Link. He’s 10 and still very much a puppy! And he sure loves smoochin’.”

2. She looks a little scraggly, but her heart is full of love.

Via Unknown / Imgur

“My childhood cat, Abby, just turned 20! She’s the sweetest.”

3. That’s a healthy and strong cat.

Via utkastoppkast / Reddit

“My cat turns 14 years old tomorrow and still joins me when I go hiking.”

4. This pooch is such a handsome boy.

Via  JCantrelly / Reddit

5. They’ve been together for a year now.

Via zenmin75 / Reddit

“When I adopted 14-year-old Francis, I was told I would have a few weeks with her. Today, we celebrated one year together!”

6. Is this pal depressed because of his 26th birthday?

Via cybertron25 / Reddit

“Happy twenty-first birthday, Mario!”

7. A flower garland is one of the cutest things you’ll ever see any pet wear.

Via Choose_2b_Happy / Reddit

“This is Sadie. She’s 17.”

8. She’s only 20 years old, but she looks to be in perfect health.

Via con_cupid_sent_Kurds / Reddit

“Today she’s no longer a teenager!”

9. 17-year-old dog is having a blast on its birthday.

Via Humbuerto / Reddit

“Zoe just turned 17 but she still likes to party.”

10. Being the cutest!

Via  JokulFrosti / Reddit

“My snuggly 16-year-old girl doing what she does best”

Adoring these pictures of four-legged babies growing older? Because we certainly are! Having a pet is both a joy and sorrow in one’s life at the same time. Having a pet and having to deal with their rapid aging or witnessing them age in front of your eyes is the worst thing for a pet lovers. As they get older, they slow down and put on weight more quickly, and their senses begin to fade away.

We’re in awe of these beautiful images of our old furry friends and can’t get enough of them. That’s why we’ve gathered a few more photos for you all. So enjoy these pictures by scrolling down!

11. Why do all dads despise pets but can’t live without them?

Via caseface14 / Reddit

“My dad and my 16-year-old cat, Kitty, also known as the ’cat he didn’t want’ 16 years ago…”

12. It seems like this cat is tired of taking pictures.

Via  mainiacmom / Reddit

“Lady, it’s been 18 years — do we still have to take a million photos every day?”

13. Meet Runty! A 17-Year Old Doggo.

Via tararuntytacos / Reddit

“This is my 17-year-old dog, Runty. I’ve had him since he was born and he means the world to me.”

14. Have you ever seen someone so overjoyed on their 15th Birthday?

Via Dakka_DakkaDakka / Reddit

“It’s Max’s fifteenth birthday today!”

15. Aw! We’re swooning over this girl’s tender hug.

Via © TheZebraCorn / Reddit

“Old Man Ted (15) got new jammies.”

16. What’s wrong buddy?

Via okay-boomerang / Reddit

“This lovely little Abigail is nearly 20 but she’s still just a baby to us!”

17. Wishing this doggo a long and happy life!

Via  jani1318 / Reddit

“Happy fourteenth birthday to my old fart! Let’s hope for many more years, JJ!”

18. A comfy cat!

Via LivvieKenzie / Reddit

“My old man, Harpo, napping as an 18-year-old kitty should”

19. Rufus, a thirteen-year-old Australian dog!

Via aspiringandroid / Reddit

“This is Rufus! He’s a 13-year-old Australian cattle dog mix who enjoys being stinky and yelling. He’s a very good boy.”

20. This pooch is turning SWEET 16!

Via awkwardyoganinja / Reddit

“Today is my Olive’s sweet 16. Help me wish a very happy birthday to this stoic little tube of love.”

21. That mustache tho!

Via twdvermont / Reddit

“This gorgeous girl turns 20 this year.”

22. Lastly, here’s a photo of a little girl and her dog.

Via  Unknown / Imgur

“My 14-year-old dog misses my niece.”

Which compiled picture did you love the most? Do you own a pet that is growing rapidly in front of you? If so, why not share their pictures with us in the comments section below.


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