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30 Photos Showing The Hysterical Changes That Come With Fluffy Paws

In today’s world when everything and everyone is in a rush, life has become pretty stressful. People fall ill much more often than they used to in the past, it has become very difficult to cope with the complexities of day-to-day life. The prevailing tension has taken away empathy from the human race. Having animals around in times like these is not less than a blessing. We are truly fur-tunate to have these furry creatures as they somehow make sure to brighten our day and lighten our mood. Especially considering cats and dogs, both these fur-balls are the best companions a human can have. Dog with its goofiness and cat with its mysterious personality can keep you engaged for good.

Medical science has proven through research that having a pet around or showering love over an animal that’s yours, reduces the risk of stroke and hypertension. Both these chronic disorders are interrelated, hereby having a pet around lowers the overall stress levels consequently saving you from lots of health problems. Not just this, it furthermore also adds a spark to your personality which creates a positive aura around you. There are many famous tales depicting the bond that a human and an animal might share. Today we’ve brought forward some real-life examples of how animals can change your life in a swift of a second, they can instantly make you fall in love with them with all the furry cuteness around.

Let’s take a ride along with this heart-warming tale, of how animals can melt your heart and make you feel better instantly!

1. Hey Hooman, you alive?

via  miyy

2. I told you it was a no-bath November

via mollyaclarke

“I’m extremely blessed to have my own tiny lifeguard. Except, instead of using a whistle or attempting to save me. He screams at me in terror… the entire time.”

3. He’s my paw-some brother

via LKlaren97

4. Told ya, this towel was mine

via Ivacaftor002

“I just got out of the shower, and this little monster stole my only towel.”

5. This doggo takes his greens seriously

via stale_donut

6. I will come and get you from under your bed and doors

via  a92magic 

The claw-some kitty doesn’t give her human a single moment in peace

7. Can I have one more piece of fish, pleaseeeee?

via Ian11z 

Now, who would say no to this adorbs?

8. Is it lunchtime yet?

via lowpolymillio

9. He makes sure to keep an eye wherever he goes, he has his tricks

via  tikitessie 

10. Somebody missed his human way too much


11. The look of victory she has once she has successfully taken him away from his girl

via okayisokayisokay

Well, who is the furring queen here?

12. Now there’s poop tax too

via CheeseBrick 

13. A paw-licious pizza in the making

via caractacus13

The chef sure seems to have made a mark in the industry

14. We have been playing this day and night game for the past one hour

via martiansignals

“Now I have to unplug my lamp at night. Because this furry thing learned how to turn it on. And he turns it on every time he is hungry in the middle of the night.”

15. I thought that was a footrest, not a cat-rest!

via kalo56

You can’t sit in peace once these furry fur-iends are around, they keep you going. Another great benefit of having a pet around is that you stay active. Whether you run after them around the house to stop them from doing something silly or take them out for a play session, both these activities prove to be very healthy for you as well as for your pet. Moreover, you won’t be feeling lonely because there’s hardly a moment when they’ll let you out of their sight.

Scroll ahead to enjoy some more of the pet-owner moments of the day and let some awws out on those paws!

16. The cat is clearly annoyed by its human’s sleeping habits

via Keruptid

17. You need to sort your priorities boy

via  kyandian

Or else she exactly knows how to catch your attention

18. There’s no place like home

via kryptonitenickyxx

“We have heated floors in the bathroom and the kitties just love being in there in the winter. I caught them sleeping like this and couldn’t stop laughing for a long time.”

19. Those eyes can’t lie

via Plasticisntfantastic

“We came home to a severed backpack strap, destroyed Bluetooth earbuds, a chewed through the harness, and laces missing from our shoes.”

20. Ello, will you help me deliver these towels to the respective wardrobes, please?

via Beowulf-Murderface 

Look who’s in charge of the towel delivery today.

21. He is just making sure you don’t drown in the tub, how adorable!

via ChootEmChootEm

22. Longing to see Dad

via BlueThunderSky

“This is my dog waiting for my dad to get home from work.”

23. Done for the day

via nrogers1124

“Whenever it’s time for his evening walk, he pretends to be asleep, harness and all. He’ll start fake snoring while looking to see if I’m buying it.”

24. Is dog surfing a thing, because that’s what I’m seein’

via boomer_the_landcloud 

Seems fun!

25. Can I have a bite, just one bite?

via  crimsonfiresyndicate 

26. Meet Simba, king of my home

via bisexuallish

He likes to keep a check on what’s everybody doing in his territory even if it’s the toilet

27. The best picture on the internet today

via colincrocodile 

“Couldn’t find my girlfriend at our family dinner Sunday, checked mom’s room and found this…”

28. That’s his safe spot

via penny_pickle 

29. It’s a houseful

via antibioteka

30. Unable to find your cat? Take notes!

via © BlueVape / Reddit

31. Look at this one going crazy.

via © suhmansuh / Reddit

We’re sure you must be convinced by now that these fur-paws are all a person needs to lighten himself from the strenuous routine. The pictures above show some of the most precious bonds a pet shares with its owner and tries its best to keep him/her contented. If you agree with us, do let us know in the comments below. Moreover, we’ll love to hear about the kind of bond you share with your pet!


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