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20 Hilarious Tweets Of The Week About Cats And Dogs

The only thing we love about Twitter is the animal tweets.

Good morning, everyone! Hope you guys are having a great day but in case, your day is not going as per your expectations, we are here to help you. There is no need to worry, we will make your mood better. Where are all the cat and dog lovers? Today, we have compiled a list of 20 hilarious Tweets about cats and dogs that will instantly make your mood better. You will feel a lot lighter and we hope you guys will relate to these tweets. We are sure you are excited to browse through the list but we already warn you that these tweets will burst you into laughter. So, let’s get started. Scroll down and have fun!

1. Don’t apologize when your dog jumps on someone, he probably likes them.

Via: naomi_wilkins1

2. Forget the cat bed, sleep in the cat bowl.


Via: weirdlilguys

Cats never sleep in their beds, they would always find the most unexpected thing to sleep in.

3. Dogs are hating Pavlov for the Pavlov’s dog theory:


Via: Browtweaten

4. We agree, there are two daschunds in a trench coat.


Via: TheDonlon94

5. If you want to be optimistic, learn from a dog.


Via: ChloeAngyal

6. The boy is here:


Via: TheOnion

7. This is how you train your dogs:


Via: _kathytu

8. Pets exactly know what their owners want:


Via: sydneyelainexo

9. How can you ditch your doggo?


Via: SavageJoyMarie1

10. Send dogs only. We love rating dogs.


Via: dog_rates

Since we love dogs, we would love to rate dogs. Well, you can also send photos of your cats, we will consider ourselves lucky to rate them too. All animals are lovely but cats and dogs hold a special place in our hearts and whenever we feel bored, we just go to Twitter and scroll through cat and dog Tweets. We can literally spend hours going through these tweets. Scroll down because we have more tweets to make you laugh.

11. Meet this elderly chihuahua who has no teeth:

Via: importantmeagan

12. Dogs are the sweetest, they would wait for you to come home:


Via: goldietaylor

13. Apparently, they are loving the videos of mice:

Via: KelgoreTrout

14. That’s how dogs behave after visiting the vet:


Via: reallousewife

15. The Witcher’s armor is purrfect.

Via: Cat_Cosplay

16. When your dog says he never fights with the cat:


Via: DogsTwt

Their faces say it all!

17. Add some extra cheese and dog food on top.

Via: geniespinosa

18. When your cat wants you to take her out and you refuse to go out:


Via: ulat_bulu_bulu

19. That’s how you chill knowing you have no responsibilities:

Via: TranslatedCats

20. “Ok this is a funny Pavlov quirk. He used to be deathly afraid of grates on the floor (NY traumatized him). we worked super hard on treating him through exposure with grates so he doesn’t avoid them. Now when he sees them, he drags us towards them and waits for a treat “


Thanks to Pavlov’s dog theory which helped this doggo get out of his trauma. Pavlov’s dog theory has helped many dogs learn new things and overcome their fears. What’s better than tweets about cats and dogs? Comment down to let us know which of these tweets made you laugh today!!


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