18 Animals Who Probably Glitched While Were Being Born And Got Blessed With Unique Fancy Features

Glitches in the matrix can often result in wonders.

When someone is faced with a choice where they could apply a lot of combinations to create the best outcome, they would certainly struggle because all the combinations sound very cool and you would want to see the outcome of each and every one of them. But unfortunately, we don’t have that much time in our bank to witness all those outcomes and fortunately for us, the process of natural selection exists which leaves all these permutations and combinations to nature. Let’s apply this phenomenon to breeding with the main focus on animals.


It is totally u to the nature how the bred animal is going to turn out, what genes are to be dominant and which ones are to be kept recessive in order to create what nature thinks is its best product. Now when nature gets excited at times, it feeds on some very fancy features of the animal it is creating. And that is exactly what we are going to look at.

Today we will be looking at some acts of nature that resulted in animals who carry some very unique and fancy features.

Scroll down below to enjoy these glitches!

1. Georgie is a very unique 6-month-old kitten who has born with 6 toes on each paw.


Via ThatKrazyGoat / reddit

2. Meet Farley. He has a whole extra layer of teeth just to get that proper bite on the delicious food.


Via SneakyIndian87 / reddit

3. This one also has 6 toes on each paw. This is a condition called polydactyl.


Via ladygargoyle / reddit

4. The vets were graced by the presence of a golden retriever who had 6 toes. Looks like nature loves to give extra toes to animals.


Via Lyd_Euh / reddit

5. Rudi has a very distinct-looking coat on the body and a brown face making it look extremely adorable and unique.


Via TigerTrue / reddit

6. Family took their husky to the vet because his arm had to be shaved for some reason. Turns out, it has unique box-like patterns all over its arm.


Via thehonz / reddit

7. I am not sure why nature thought of doing this but this dog’s bum hair grows out in a heart shape.

Via Theyallknowme / reddit

8. Never in my life have I seen a squirrel with a white tail.


Via shinypumpkaboo / reddit

9. Ahsoka is a very unique dog in terms of having a mult-colored nose and some hypnotic blue eyes that could steal anyone’s heart.

Via freespiritedshadow / reddit

I think these glitches from nature itself are working out perfectly in the favor of these animals. They all look so unique and different in a good way. I love all the fancy features that these lucky ones possess. Only making our love for animals stronger.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of animals who have very unique characteristics.

10. This is Jeffie and we all know he uses that name as a disguise. In reality, he is Batman.


Via catzilla93 / reddit

11. Oh my god the otter has an arrow pointing upwards planted on its nose.

Via Lackify / reddit

12. Ladies and gentlemen, after an otter who has an arrow on its nose, I present to you an albino otter.


Via arceneauxskates / reddit

13. Kajsa has green eyes. That’s more than enough to be referred to as the most beautiful creature on the planet.

Via Catlover240 / reddit

14. Those recessive genes really came into action for this majestic albino frog.


Via Boum82 / reddit

15. After seeing this pink katydid, I think I have seen everything in my life.

Via blueraspberrry / reddit

16. It feels like this dog has the soul stone in its possession.


Via showchester / reddit

17. Why have one tail when you have 2.5 of them like this gold-dust gecko.

Via kedgemarvo / reddit

18. Thanks to nature, this little kitten has a tiny extra claw under its normal claws.


Via missmichellini / reddit

My adorableness levels are at a very high level after looking at these cute animals with unique features and I hope yours are too.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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