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Childfree People Who Have A Lot Of Sassy Things To Say About It And Their Equally Fulfilling Life

Having kids makes life more joyous for people and brings a source of hope and laughter to their lives. But there’s a huge price to be paid for that comfort. Having kids isn’t the only way you can get some semblance of happiness in your life, despite what has been believed by people for a long time. For centuries we’ve been seeing these toxic social norms raining their poison on people, making them believe that a nuclear family is the key to living an emotionally secure life. It can be safe to say that, in this day and age, the world is finally progressing to a stage where people are starting to truly understand the toll this effort can have on your mental and physical health.

People who don’t really want kids and succumb to society’s pressure suffer from diseases like throwing things at walls in frustration, as quietly as possible so as to not wake up the kids, and daily 3 a.m mental breakdowns that end up in even more questionable life decisions. It’s clear that regardless of what reason you have for not wanting children, you really are not alone in your views, and if you’re a poor soul that has already had their fate changed by one of those little demons then perhaps seeing other people’s differing thoughts on this topic will bring you comfort and amusement. Here, you’ll find many people who not only don’t want kids but also have some smart, sassy things to say to express their feelings regarding the whole shebang.

1. A subtle difference but a major change in perception.

via TheRachelFisher

2. If you have people you can trust, you have everything you need!

via Kolkata_Chhori

3. Perfection is of the essence here.

via DestryBrod

4. Oh, how the tables have turned!

via DaveVescio

5. Cats can be heavenly creatures at times.

via ShalindaKirby

6. Not having kids really takes fun purchases to the next level.

via molly7anne

7. Also, it’s literally none of their business!!

via CrissRad

8. Love your kids unconditionally! They deserve it.

via ninisalinass

9. Don’t give birth to children give birth to money and gold bars.

via sauteslut

10. The double standards are off the charts with this one!

via stupidoldandy

11. Having kids is this expensive?!

via WineWeedWife

12. Maybe they’re of the opinion that babies are disposable? Kind of like plastic bottles.

via molly7anne

13. 100% effective marketing strategy.

via HenpeckedHal

14. A not-so-subtle pandemic flex.

via SpikeReeds

15. Screaming babies are the worst kind of babies!

via goldengateblond

16. When frustration and wit combine, you get top-tier humor.

via OhNoSheTwitnt

17. At least the tapeworm is easier to get rid of.

via WheelTod

18. Eventually they realise you were right all along.

via slackmistress

19. Not to forget, “financially stable”!

via ElizaBayne

20. Babies are so difficult to hold, and for what?

via Vynse

21. 24/7 waterworks guaranteed.

via dafloydsta

22. Facts!

via NatashaMLee

23. What a relief!!


24. YES! Show them!!


25. If only crying babies were as fun as reading books!

via LizHackett

26. They should use this idea for birth control commercials!

via leenewtonsays

27. Real-life sims reenactment!

via mdob11

28. Probably something in between, right?

via jdelwoo

29. The scarier version of bloody Mary!


30. You don’t need children to be a family.

via The_ME_Ellison

31. They all look like smushed tomatoes with legs and arms!

via mdob11

32. This is so perfect!

via JessFink

33. Auntie shark is goals. For real!

via chescaleigh

34. Just going to rub that in ruthlessly, yes.

via lisaxy424

35. Nyet!

via joltofimpulse

36. It’s a decision, not a flaw!

via WhoresofYore

37. Oh, damn!

via ZachWeiner

38. The difference is astounding!

via Skelpyy

39. Not to mention the hefty cost of your sleep and mental health besides the $15,000.

via gabilynn47

40. Dream life!!

via probablyMalaz

41. RIP television freedom!

via robfee

42. The fortune-tellers!

via KingRainhead

43. At least the infant is inside the phone for now!

via goldengateblond

44. Only heathens would share their bag of Doritos with someone.

via Annekinns

45. The perfect life!!

via kbnoswag

46. It’s brutal out there for both underdeveloped and developed beings.

via sarahjoyshockey

47. It’s a time taking process, yes.

via annetdonahue

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