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Childfree Woman With Demanding Job Upset At Moms For Saying Only Moms Get Tired

It’s been a while since we’ve been on one of Reddit’s AITA threads!

But as usual, before we jump onto that, we’d like to give a little overview about what Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A-Hole) threads are about. The AITA thread is basically all about finding out whether you were wrong in an argument or not. How does that work? Well, you post about the scenario that you’ve had to face and let the people be the judge of it. But you must give the people both side of the stories and be neutral about it, so the people can judge better. AITA thread has become one of the most famous Reddit’s thread in such a short period of time and managed to garner a whopping number of about 2.7m followers!


Anyways, coming towards the story that we have today for you. It’s about a lady who works full-time to earn herself a decent living while taking care of other problems in her life too. However, her friends, who are married and have babies, don’t think that this lady (who isn’t a mother yet), can possibly get as tired as them because they think, taking care of a baby is a lot worse than having a full-time office job, etc. Taking care of babies can be very hectic and tough, indeed, but you just can’t compare your hard work or your exertion with someone else’s. It’s ridiculous when people start competing the workload and the problems one has to face. Whether it’s taking care of a baby or having a full-time office job, you simply can’t do a comparison between these two. You must have seen a lot of men and women complaining too much about how they are the only ones in the world with all the burden. Even if you are busy and under a lot of stress, it still doesn’t give you the right to belittle someone else’s efforts by saying that they don’t do as much. This can be very disparaging.

This article below might make you realise that people are always in the fight to win ‘who is busier?’ But honestly, it gets super annoying at times and makes you doubt if they are even telling the truth! Women like these may not have time to do anything else other than their routine but they will always have time to tell you how busy they are, isn’t it ironic? Well, let’s find out who’s the real A-HOLE in our today’s episode of AITA!

Via – u/destinedspoon

1. The real question!

2. Tables turn!


3. That sounds tiring!


4. The tiredness is real!


5. Things can be quite overwhelming after all


6. That’s so disparaging!


7. How can you compare two responsibilities with one another?


8. Burn!


9. Everyone has different priorities, after all!


10. Having different goals does not make you lesser or greater to someone!


Whether you have kids or not, there are far more problems with people in life. It does not mean that you just keep speaking of your own issues without keeping in mind that others might also have some problems and they might be in more trouble than you. We never know what others are facing in life so it is very important to value other people’s feelings and also making sure everyone’s okay. However, this story continues ahead, keep scrolling!

11. That surely is patronising…

12. One shouldn’t feel ashamed of telling the truth!


13. It’s sad that people like these still exist in our societies who think that they are the only one who has bigger issues.

Now let’s go ahead and take a look at what the people had to say about it. Although we already know who’s the real A-HOLE here but we’d still wanna hear it from the people. Scroll down to see their reactions regarding the post!

14. Spitting facts!

Via u/just-peepin-at-u

15. Yep, the ranting simply won’t ever stop!

Via u/TurquoiseBlue621

16. The truth has been spoken.

Via u/passthecakeplease

17. Belittling someone’s work is not cool at all!

Via u/RealisticVoice8

18. It is what it is!

Via u/LewneyBin

19. Being considerate should be the ultimate motive!

Via u/Cleromanticon

This thread might have made you realise how people are so inconsiderate of each other that even doing their jobs have them racing with one another! Whether you are a woman with a child to take care of or a woman with a tough job, both of them are personal choices and requires equal hard work! People consider that only their work is the most difficult in the world without feeling that there are people who have it worst too! Kindness and being aware of each other’s problems is very important if you want others to do the same for you. What do you feel about this? We would love to hear about your opinion in the comment section below!










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