‘Coronavirus Rhapsody’ A Conversion of Bohemian Rhapsody Is Trending On Twitter And We Love It

We all need background music to our lives.

And you can achieve that very easily by just never turning off your playlist. I do that and my phone only sometimes gets oil splatters, falls into the toilet or gets thrown out of the air.

However, what we didn’t know we needed was an adaptation of the iconic song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. And not any adaptation either, it is apparently known as coronavirus rhapsody. Never thought I’d say those words and yet here we are.

Why do we ‘need’ this? Well, most people keep forgetting to wash their hands, not touch their face and not shake hands. Since it is always easier to remember things with a song, we got this. The reason behind this is apparently on the new website where it tells you to wash hands, ‘bohemian rhapsody’ the most listened to song.

So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Twitter

Just a sore throat.

Sanitize your hands.

No touching of the eyes.

Killed a man.

Make them die.

Time has come.

Want to die.

Very tightening.

Facing mortality.

Wash your hands.

Mama mia.

Can stop me.

Getting flatter.

Ironic eh?

Don’t know who that is but yes!

That I agree with.

Definitely very good.

The only thing that will make this better if there was a sing-along version of this. I honestly need this in my life. What do you think of the new lyrics? Do you love it or hate it? Comment down below and let us know.

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