22-Year-Old Girl Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus Shares Her Terrifying Experience

Covornavirus has taken the world by storm.

With more countries closing their borders, declaring state emergencies, the situation worldwide seems to be getting out of hand. So far the total number of deaths are increasing with each passing day. While the government and the professionals are working continuously to develop a cure, there’s no gaurantee as to what the future holds.

So, in the light of everything that’s going on right now, our safest bet is to take precautionary measures and to avoid going out in public as much as we can. While the majority is taking a cautious approach towards their routine activities, some people are just totally ignoring this serious situation.

So, to spread awareness among people, a 22-year-old girl who tested positive for COVID-19, shared her personal experience of fighting against the virus.

Scroll on below to learn from the real-life example of this young girl.

Dry cough and sore throat.

Chills and fever.

Low energy levels.

This is where it gets worse.

An early diagnosis can be difficult.

Shortness of breath continued.

A slightly better condition.

Increasing energy levels.

Little to no change.

The diagnosis.

Retesting can be difficult.

Staying hydrated helps.

Here’s why staying indoors is recommended.

Here’s Bjonda Haliti who survived the novel coronavirus.


After reading her thread, people couldn’t help but admire her for sharing her experience.


That could’ve been seasonal flu but you never know.


Surely a lot of people will benefit from her experience.




Which is why taking care is important.


So, if anyone feels like that it can possibly be the virus.


Same thoughts.


That’s an important point.


Always listen to your elders, people.


Now, what would you suggest to fight the coronavrius? Let us know in the comments below.

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