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18 Of The Cutest And Most Wholesome Cat Posts Of The Week

18 Of The Cutest And Most Wholesome Cat Posts Of The Week

Cats are full of pawsitivity!

The weekend has just arrived and we hope you all are as excited as us! It’s time to relax and refresh our minds and soul. And, what can be better than looking at the most wholesome cat posts? Nothing excites us more than cat posts. Imagine waking up and the first thing you see on your phone is a wholesome cat post or a cat meme.


Cats are full of pawsitive energy and we are all up for positive vibes this week. Our adorable cats have nothing negative in their hearts and minds for anyone. All they want is your attention! So, if you are a cat owner, make sure to pay attention to your kitties. Today, we have put our hearts into compiling this collection just for you guys. We have compiled 18 of the cutest and the most wholesome cat photos of the week. We have all kinds of kitties here. So, scroll down and let the fun begins!

1. “My cat Wally looks like Wall-E”

Via u/ihaveacatnamedwally

This is the photo from the first night he was brought home. He is much happier now.

2. Meet Ramesses, a 20lb cat who hisses to get scratches on his head:


Via u/JephriB

“He used to hiss at me every time I saw him. Then, a few months ago I helped take him to the vet. He was scared on the way, so I scratched his head to comfort him. Now, every time he sees me, he looks at me like this and purrs until I pet him. Then he hisses.”

3. “Meet Mera! She’s 8 weeks old and is also a chimera!”


Via u/kvothes-lute

Wow, she looks so pretty. She is going to get a lot of love and treats for his owner.

4. “Sweet ginger I met in the alley”


Via u/ongkaku

Did you see the bell this majestic cat is wearing? We know she is the devil.

5. Meet Teenie and Bitty:


Via u/Yepyeahyup

Is not this photo enough to show their true purrsonalities? They are the complete opposite of each other.

6. How can someone work when their cats are sitting on their chair?


Via u/benji_90

How can you resist this much cuteness? I would have died till now! They are cuteness galore!

7. When you are ready to take a photo of a sunset but your cat wants to be the center of attention:


Via u/scootbert

This is Storm, he loves jumping on the shoulders and licking cheeks.

8. “Cat was waiting at my front door to come in when I went take out the trash. I don’t have a cat.”


Via u/MrMessyAU

You may not have a cat but the cat has got you. The cat has officially adopted you.

9. “Lance’s favourite position to sleep in”


Via u/Lituxa

Never knew someone could look this pretty while sleeping. Tell Lance that he is a handsome kitty! Wait a second. We have just realized that cats look adorable all the time. They never look bad. They do not put any effort into looking cute. No matter what they do, how they sleep or where they sleep, they always look awdorable!

10. “I’m visiting family out of state and my partner sends me this photo this morning. “


Via u/Used-Perspective1965

Aww, look at those adorable feet. This cute kitty knows her place in the bed.

11. “Millstone Wildlife Center found a baby bobcat all alone. Honeybun the kitty was paired with her so she wouldn’t be lonely, and the baby will be released into the wild one day.”

Via u/mac_is_crack

12. Meet Candy, the 22-year-old cat:


Via u/neobeto86

13. When your cat sees you in the bathtub for the first time:

Via u/Lugare1201

Cat: I guess, hooman needs my help.

14. “Old Man Jack, a 22 year old Semi-Feral is locked in an argument about his flea medicine, I want him to take it and be healthy and he wants me to stub my toe.”


Via u/Huge-Green2594

Old guy, take your medicines and get well soon so you can annoy your owner again.

15. The best thing is when your cat cuddles with you:

Via u/lizlaf21952

Who else loves cuddling session?

16. All those comfy beds in the house but he wants a crate:


Via u/particleman3

17. Shh, the alien is sleeping:

Via u/alice_wonderlandddd

18. Meet the fluffy sisters:


Via u/chloemug

Do you own a cat? Tell us in the comments section what do you love about your cat.

Here is a cat tax:

Via: u/Pillar_Of_Support

“My GF’s Dad said Mochi is ugly, looks poor and sad, and like a beggar. What should I do?”


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