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Cutest Rescued Kitty Is Stealing Everyone’s Heart On The Internet Because Of His Crooked Snout

Pinnochio The brave kitty.

The best and the positive thing about the widespread access of the internet is probably getting to know the beautiful and inspiring stories of miracles that happen around us all the time. We get to be a part of them as they beautifully unfold in front of us. We all have heard an uncountable amount of incredible, emotional, inspiring and shocking stories with the help of the internet. There are many examples of them like the rescued animals and pet shelter stories, foster, rehabilitation and adoption industry that is doing great work nowadays. Thanks to the internet and social media, they have also definitely assisted along the way.


Just look at the story of Pinnochio if you are being doubtful. He is a brave kitty with an inspiring story, he has overcome many complicated obstacles in his life with medical complications and all that. Not only Pinnochio is a handsome young cat, but he is also one who loves people just as much as people around him love him dearly. That cat knows how to have a good time and he definitely never loses hope, does not let his host of medical issues get him down. He teaches a good lesson of bravery to everyone and always reminds everyone who meets him that life is what you make it, never lose hope. He is still living his best life though, thanks to Friends for Life Rescue Network. Keep on scrolling down to learn more about the inspiring story of Pinnochio…

1. In the summer of 2020, Jacqueline Santiago of Friends for Life Rescue Network saw a photo of a kitten with obvious congenital defects.

This special kitty named Pinnochio’s journey to healing began when Jacqueline Santiago of Friends for Life Rescue Network first saw a photo of him. She was not sure exactly what was wrong with him but she knew something certainly was not right. When Pinocchio arrived at the rescue, Jacqueline shared that “He came malnourished, dehydrated, and infested with fleas.”

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At the time, Pinocchio was already 3 months old but he was still the size of a 5-6 week old kitten! Some of the medical complexities the kitten came to FFLRN with included, “a massive umbilical hernia that will require surgical repair, a crossbite causing his canines to jab into his lower jaw (will require removal), deformed nose, and potentially hydrocephalus.”

2. Even though this beautiful cat already had a lot to deal with in his short span of life, it was now his time to receive love and affection but he was still ready to give love to each and every person he met.


3. When it was clearly understood how much care and rehabilitation that brave cat Pinocchio would need to survive, he was immediately placed into the care of his foster mom, Mel Lamprey. Having taken in some long-term, medically complex fosters before, Mel is an experienced foster mom. She has been basically fostering non-stop for over 3 years straight. She immediately agreed to look after him when she learned about Pinnochio’s condition.


Mel has listed all the medical issues this brave cat has to face and will probably continue to deal with as he ages into adulthood:

  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Enlarged heart
  • Heart murmur
  • Collapsed lung lobe
  • Tented skull
  • Deviated septum
  • Chronic upper respiratory infections
  • Eye issues
  • Dental issues
  • Possible neurological issues

It is so sad and heartbreaking to hear that this tiny sweetheart has to go through so much pain on a daily. Even though through emergency surgery, sudden illness and congenital issues, Pinocchio keeps on going and getting stronger every day. We all must pray for his betterment and health.

4. The shelter Friends for Life and Mel have both explained to the queries of the curious followers that Poke needs to not have so many medical needs, and obstacles related to Covid-19 have unfortunately slowed down progress. But thankfully when he is healthy and ready for his forever home, he will leave Mel and Friends for Life to live with at his happy and forever home.


Mel shared some beautiful words about her special boy, “I can’t believe how much this strong boy has been through, and he still has his ‘I’m great, I can do anything attitude!”

5. Pinnochio is also lovingly referred to as Poke. He is currently not up for adoption because of his complex medical condition but he will hopefully be adopted someday by loving parents.


6. Meanwhile, Poke is genuinely loved by Mel and her partner. We already know that obviously, he is a sweetheart. He is a joyous, adorable kitty, and completely unbothered by the complexities of life.


7. Aww, look at the boop-able nose.

Pinocchio may look different from the rest of the cats because of his condition and he has some major health obstacles to overcome but it is also pretty clear he is just as much a cat as any other cat. I love how everyone takes this brave cat so seriously. The shelter Friends for Life and Mel have been able to provide updates to his adoring fans which I think is great! More power to Pinnochio, the people at the shelter and Mel for spreading awareness and support for the highs and lows of fostering medically complex cats


8. “he’s a really happy guy who loves everyone — other people, other cats and dogs.”


“He runs up to anyone who enters the room and climbs up to their shoulder to perch. He rubs on you, loves to play and bounces around.” Jacqueline told the Dodo.“he’s a really happy guy who loves everyone — other people, other cats and dogs.”

9. “We call this Pinocchio’s ‘Fraggle angle.’ And if you don’t know what a Fraggle is, I’m sorry you missed that.” Mel writes.


10. We all already know about this brace cat’s can-do attitude but he also has a cattitude! How adorable!


This cat is just too much, he has melted my heart and filled me with so much joy, I can not explain to you guys. Luckily we do not have to worry about not seeing this cute face again because Mel undoubtedly will be keeping us updated with our beautiful Poke’s pictures coming as he will be staying in foster care with Mel for the foreseeable future.

11. Look at mister handsome batman.

12. Even though Pinnochio is a brave and inspiring cat with a lot of issues, his best quality is that he always stays happy and never loses hope which reminds us that everything is possible if we have hope and faith.


Pinocchio is an absolute sweetheart who makes friends wherever he goes, definitely a heartthrob as well because that he what people claim when he meets them. He has stolen many hearts including mine and I am guessing yours as well. You can follow Pinocchio on Instagram to keep up with his daily life and to gush at his cute pictures posted by his foster mama. Also do not forget to check out Friends for Life Rescue Network and lovely Mel’s Foster Wish List to help animals in need. I want to end it with another amazing piece of information about this cat is that Pinocchio also has this super cool t-shirt for sale and do you know what is the best thing about it? 100% of the proceeds go to Friends for Life Rescue Network. How amazing is that? I am more in love with Poke now. Please, give us your feedback in the comments down below…


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