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This Dad Posts His Conversations With His Daughter On Twitter & It’s Hysterical

Kids aren’t big on thinking.

You know how we are always taught to think hard before we say something? Well, kids don’t really understand this. And it is quite adorable to see them saying whatever comes to their mind without any shame. It just makes them quite honest and who doesn’t like honesty? However, honesty doesn’t mean facts or the truth and sometimes this can end up with parents in an awkward situation.


And that is something most if not all parents can relate to. Even James Breakwell can relate to this as it seems that there is always some sort of chaos happening in his home which ends up on Twitter thanks to him sharing tidbits of their conversations. After all, he is known as the funniest dad on the Internet for a reason. So if you are a parent and want to hear some dad jokes and relatable moments, you have come to the right place.

Just scroll below to take a look for yourself.

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#1 So that is how you get out of paying a bill!

#2 She isn’t wrong.


#3 Falling in love is hard work after all.


#4 He is going to need some ointment for those burns.


#5 Everything is breakable if you know their weak points.


#6 That is certainly one way to look at it.


#7 That doesn’t sound too good.


#8 That is how you know she is going to become a lawyer.


#9 Who doesn’t feel that way these days?


#10 Breaking all your teeth is a much better idea.


#11 Is anybody ever excited about school?

#12 Ice cream is life and it solves everything.


#13 Honestly, who hasn’t done that?

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#14 The answer to that question is yes.


#15 That is a definite yes from me.

#16 He should have paid more attention.


#17 That is one way to reveal that you are pregnant.

#18 We have all forgotten what we read in school anyway.


#19 It is better to just end it than do the work.

#20 That is how you trick your parents and become free.


#21 Guys should wear makeup for their wedding as well.

#22 That is actually a very good point.


#23 Wearing a dress with pockets gives you superpowers.

#24 I have no idea but I would like to think that it is a yes.

#25 I mean she isn’t wrong about that.

Everybody’s kids are weird. No matter what strange, hilarious thing your kid did, somebody else’s kid probably did something just like it. That’s why so many people relate to my tweets. They’re living the same experience every day, if not with their own kids, then through some other kids, they know or maybe even through memories of their own childhoods. There’s a fine line between complaining about parenting and celebrating the struggle. Even in the most frustrating moments, I try to put a positive spin on it. Laughing is better than having a nervous breakdown. -James

#26 Kids just don’t like siblings.


#27 Trying is a word that only failures use.


#28 Everything would be so much better if you could just choose.

#29 That is actually the perfect way to explain it.


#30 These are some savage kids.

#31 Parents never make the rules.

#32 Does that mean I get to eat a lot of cupcakes?


#33 God can apparently see everything.

#34 You take advantage when you have the chance.

#35 Probably both.


#36 The tooth fairy isn’t giving her much money after all.

#37 Muggles never see anything.

#38 Wait, are Internet people not real?


#39 A new mom is better than leaving the cat behind.

#40 That is exactly how it works.

#41 I feel like we need more information after that.


#42 It fits perfectly with this year.

#43 That is actually a very good point.

#44 Sometimes you just don’t want reality.


#45 If all Librarians were warriors, libraries would flourish.

#46 Okay, now I am sad as well.

#47 Supergirl can wear anything she wants.


#48 That is the question isn’t it?

#49 Nobody can compare to baby Yoda.

#50 If only life worked that way.

Are you able to relate to these instances? Comment down below and let us know. And don’t forget to share so other parents can join in the fun as well.


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