Dads Who Didn’t Want A Cat In Their House But Ended Up Falling Deeply In Love With Cats

One way or the other, you are a cat lover!

I didn’t mean to make it rhyme but what can I say about my spontaneously creative mind. Anyways, enough showing off. Today I am going to prove, with quoted stories, that deep down everyone is a full-on cat lover. It’s very natural for someone to like or dislike something or someone, we call it a “preference” and I believe everyone reading this respects that. But when the matter takes a turn towards the chapter of “cat” that whole preference thing, or should I say the authority, completely shifts towards the hands of the cat. You cannot choose to dislike a cat because eventually, they will make you like them. I know some of you who don’t like cats are wondering how will they do that. Well! When you get a cat and see it wandering around the house following you everywhere, when they would want to snuggle with you and would slowly creep up to capitalize on the opportunities, the funny floor behavior, the craziness, those adorable looks, they all will make you fall in love with a cat automatically.


That unconditional love can make anyone bow to a cat’s will. And to prove that, today we’ve got some really wholesome and heartwarming stories of some dads of the world who weren’t really into cats until they finally got one for themselves and their lives were turned upside down with the amount of love and joy that the cats brought with themselves.

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1. ‘“She couldn’t reach!”’

Via u/Ilikecows13

2. “My dad on my 13th birthday “whatever you do, don’t bring home a f***ing cat” My dad now.”


Via u/Morganpaullina

3. “Dad: “We are not getting a cat, no way.” Also Dad: “He wants his head scratched!” *puts the cat in lap and gives him brushie brushie*”


Via u/SabbyOfSableWine

4. “Dad didn’t like Mouse. Mouse didn’t like dad. Something happened and now they’re inseparable.”


Via u/Hamburgo

5. “Smitty owns my dad and she knows it”


Via u/HIGHly_intALEXual

6. “I guess part 2 of a previous post, now featuring both egg and pepper, who he did not want”


Via u/ughhdante

7. “Found an old picture of my stepdad with the cat he didn’t want”


Via u/Vohsrek

I told you guys, there is nothing a cat can’t do. They will make you fall in love with them, slowly but eventually, things always unfold the way they will. Queens for a reason, right?

All Dad’s who don’t like cats, please observe, you do like cats.

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8. “Me dad told me not to take in the stray kitten. Walked in on him showing the bird feeder he made for “cat TV.”


Via u/jordynbo

9. ““Do not bring that cat near me”, “I don’t like cats” okay, sure thing dad lol”


Via u/shmktzw

10. “Dog person who was sick of us getting cats found out our kitten fits in his pocket”


Via u/ughhdante

11. “This is where “Babe we don’t need a kitten.” And “do not bring that cat from the street inside! Leave him alone!” Got us”

Via u/NeeonLizard

12. “”We can feed her but there’s no way she’s setting foot inside our house” Now he loves her more than any of us!”


Via u/Aayush_Patil

13. “He didn’t want Fideo”

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Via u/pantxineta37

14. “He insists he’s “not an animal person” and thought I was absolutely absurd for buying a leash for a cat. Now he brings Toothless outside anytime we are.”


Via u/KaterWaiter

15. “Walter White loves catdad”

Via u/autumnafternoon

That’s the power of innocence and love! Can tumble the biggest of mountains Time to adopt a cat and see how my Dad reacts.

I really hope you guys had fun. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.  All those who want to get a cat but can’t because their parents don’t like cats, this is your queue!


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