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The 10 Most Loved Dog Breeds In The World

One thing that all animal lovers can agree upon is that dogs are the only animals that show unconditional love. They are the most selfless creatures on Earth who will give away everything they have without wanting anything in return. Dogs are known to be the most loyal companions. They are kind and extremely compassionate. Regardless of the situation, they will always be present for you. Your relationship with your dog is not only good for you physically but also mentally. In short, its good for your soul. Dogs bring along a lot of positivity with them which includes the amount of affection they give to you and how secure they make you feel, these are all the building blocks of a happy and healthy life.

There are some characteristics that are common in all the dogs, for example, loyalty, compassion and empathy. Dogs have all the abilities that a therapist has. Ohh and yes, dogs are used in therapies! They can be used to soothe civilians as well as soldiers. Dogs are taken to different health care facilities and psychiatric wards where their presence spreads nothing but happiness and joy!

Every dog breed is special and has their own ways of making our lives beautiful. But there are some dogs that are really well suited for families and children. These breeds are very sweet and kind towards little children. These affectionate breeds come in all shapes and sizes. They don’t necessarily have to be fluffy round and short. If you are also looking for a pup that will shower you with its unlimited love and care, this article is all you need. In this article, we have made a list of 10 dog breeds that are perfect for you and your family! We assure you that not a day will pass by without them showing how much they care about you! Scroll down and enjoy.

1. Yorkshire Terrier

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Also known as Yorkie (what a cute name) is a small-sized terrier that comes from England. They are small, like really small. They weigh less than 7 pounds. Being around a Yorkie can be very entertaining. They are very playful, will keep you busy as they have a lot of energy and will not stop playing and entertaining you, ever! Like all the other dogs, they are very loyal, affectionate and loving. They are prone to separation anxiety if not given proper attention. They also require a lot of grooming.

2. Chihuahua

via  Instagram: @brandothechiwi

These babies from Mexico are very adorable dog breeds that are so small when you lift them you will feel like you are not holding anything! They weigh 6 pounds only and come in two versions, smooth-haired and long-haired (cute in both the forms). Short-haired Chihuahua requires very little grooming, and also cleaning them doesn’t require much time. They are really charming and intelligent! With their small size, they make ideal pets for people living in cities and small apartments. They can be carried easily anywhere, to different cities and also to a friends day out! Your friends will not get over how cute your dog is!

3. Poodle

via Instagram: @rosathepoodle

They are smart dogs, in every version and size. Their docile nature makes it really easy to train them. They don’t like leaving their owners. They are ranked as the second most intelligent dogs and are very skilful as well. They love doing different activities and have an interest in sports as well! Poodles are easy to recognize. They have a very specific kind of appearance (cute obviously). They don’t shed a lot which is a great plus point. If you have allergies, this dog can be a perfect choice for you!

4. German Shepherd Dog

via Instagram: @raya.and.hudson

This one needs no introduction! These medium to large-sized breeds are extremely intelligent. They originate from Germany. They are big, powerful, muscular, agile, intelligent and confident. Not to forget, they have a very noble personality. They look scary but are completely different. They have a happy-go-lucky nature. They are famous for being loyal and courageous. If you are special to them, they will do anything in their control to make you happy and to please you. They will also protect you from any danger. They are prone to separation anxiety and will require a lot of attention and support from their companion. They are also used in the military.

5. French Bulldog

via  Instagram: @ccseniorthefrenchie

Originating from France, French Bulldog is also known as Frenchie. They have cute round faces with erected ears, small legs and black round eyes, well, these are some of the features which makes a Frenchie really adorable! The short nose and wrinkles add more cuteness to these little bubbas! They might be energetic while playing with you (if they like you) but in general, they have moderate energy levels and would love to spend most of their time while sleeping. They aren’t really fond of going outside and will make amazing indoor pets!

Did you decide what breed you would want? Did you like any of them? If not then don’t worry. We have got you covered. This article doesn’t end here, we have a lot more options for you from which you can decide what pet you want next! Just keep scrolling down, I am sure you would love the ones yet to come!

6. Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @eloiseatthedogpark_

Golden retrievers have a reputation of being one of the friendliest dogs. They are fiercely intelligent and obedient. Not only that, but they are also very pretty! They have all the abilities to be a great pet! They can be trained easily, have a passive nature, they will be available for you every time, they are keen to learn and also have a habit of pleasing people. They have a very loving nature, so they make good partners for people of all age groups. They are also sensitive and need a lot of attention. They shed a lot of hair, so you must keep a broom with you if you are planning to get this breed! Golden retrievers are used for various other tasks, including assistance dogs, therapy dogs, detection dogs, and search and rescue participants.

7. English Bulldog

via Instagram: @tunnamelt_

As you probably are aware of this famous breed which is also as Bulldog, is a medium-sized dog. As the name suggests, they originate from England. They have a really cute appearance, are short and muscular, with a lot of loose skin around their head, small legs and ears and a snub nose. The good thing is, they don’t really bark! But, there’s a catch to it. Due to their short snout, they tend to snort and wheeze more than often. These little babies are not very high on energy, in fact, they are very lazy and love sleeping. They are courageous, calm and friendly.

8. Labrador Retriever

via Instagram: @leo_estefano_the_labrador

Labrador retriever originates from the United Kingdom and Canada. They have a very pretty appearance and very friendly and joyous nature. They have an outgoing personality. This outgoing personality brings out a very playful, cheerful, easy to train dogo! They can be friends with anyone, from old people to young children. If they are giving so much love, care and entertainment, they do deserve our attention, right? So this is one thing this dog wants. Since they have high separation anxiety, they require someone to be with them always. Their amazing nature also helps them in being good therapy dogs.

9. Beagle

via Instagram: @beagle.chloe17

Beagles originate from England and they are small hunting dogs. They have extremely adorable physical features that include, an erect tail, large ears, and a cute baby face which will melt your heart! Beagles has all the qualities of a good family dog, such as being gentle, caring, fun, easy-going, and also having a hint of curiosity in their nature! A drawback? Well, having an excessively friendly nature, they won’t really be good guard dogs. So, if you are looking for a guard dog, Beagle is not a good option for you. They require very little to no grooming. They won’t shed like crazy. The only thing that needs a little attention is their ears. If their ears are not kept well ventilated, they can easily become infected.

10. Dachshund

via  Instagram: @_frankiethedachshund_

Dachshund is referred with various names such as Doxie, Weenie Dog, Wiener-Dog, Sausage, Teckel and Dackel. They are a very famous small breed. They come in two different sizes, miniature or standard-sized. Usually, dachshunds have one of the three coat types: smooth, wirehaired, or longhaired. They love hunting and digging, so expect a lot of digging in your backyards if you want to bring this baby home. Digging is what makes them happy, so this habit won’t really go. Overall they are really nice, energetic, friendly and emotional. Sometimes they can be stubborn which might cause a hindrance in their training. They love getting cuddles and kisses! Their favourite spot to sit is owners lap!

I wish I could bring all of them home but ughh it’s sad how my family isn’t really fond of dogs. What about you? Did you find a favourite one? If yes, then we would love to know! Let us know what are your thoughts and opinions about these breeds in the comments section below!


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