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50 Most Brutally Hilarious Comics For People Who Like Dark Humor

You probably are smarter than others if you find humor even in the darkest of times a person can go through. People who appreciate dark humor, see or perceive even the bleakest times of life in a lighter way which isn’t very common. Such people have been found to be less aggressive and negative.


Anybody can have the sense to crack jokes about brighter things but what actually makes a difference is finding something to laugh at in the darkest hour. It takes courage! No matter how gruesome the subject may be, finding hilarity at such a topic is surely a Genius! A little sick, too, maybe, but well everybody has a different perspective. And different coping mechanisms.

We’ve gathered a compilation of comics where the artist, Mr. Lovenstein, has enlightened its viewers with unlit moments of life with a perfect blend of humor. If you’re someone who appreciates dark humor, this is surely for you!

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1. I overslept, hiding away from the real world

2. I can’t do it


Seems simple. But it isn’t.

3. You’ve seen the world, now it’s my time


4. I am slow enough that even death will eventually get bored of chasing me


Bored or tired. We don’t know.

5. Stress is the new renewable energy resource


The future world will be so LIT!!

6. A priest update, perhaps?


When you’re too obstinate to be left out…

7. Brain, can I have a moment where you’re not ducking up my mind?


8. It wasn’t planned, it just happened


9. How can I be weak, I survive every day…


10. Toxic love


No no, we don’t do that!

11. Everybody needs that affirmation, even the bad guys!

That’s some sweet shit!

12. You asked for it


13. Being alive is much scarier, I am better dead

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I can sleep for hours, scare other people and not meet anybody, phew!

14. The awkward humans


Better human than real humans…

15. Still sad

16. Could’ve shaken something better


Shake that booty, it would be better

17. He’s hiding away in the dark pit

18. I can’t believe it’s that time of the life, already


19.  So I wouldn’t have to drive off the cliff again and again

Childhood games can be haunting

20. Now let me sign your cast


21. Hey, you remember the painting in the cave, It was made 2 million years ago…

Not that old

22. Yeah, because I’ll have to eat tacos now


23. He’s a better dancer

Even the crabs can dance better than me…

24. It was just a mistake…

You play with pencils, I play with knives but we all make mistakes

25. Story of my life

Dark humor often makes it easy to process intense situations in life such as depression and even death. It helps you embrace difficult situations and deal with them like a man, well, you could be a woman too, of course. Often, the realities of life are kept hidden as they’re considered dingy but I think dark humor is an excellent tool for bringing these issues to light. Gives us some actual reality checks as the world isn’t just a fantasy. Sometimes we have to put our big boy/girl pants on and deal with the world, with sarcasm. Ahem! Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do.

Keep scrolling. This definitely isn’t the end!

26. A no would make me dead, dead from the inside


27. I’ll make sure you don’t live in this town anymore


Ummm, that escalated quickly.

28. I’ll rather just be a paper crumble-er

29. Always look onto the brighter side


When you have got a good sense of dark humor

30. I don’t want to human anymore

31. Hugs can be pricey

32. Angry birds


Or eat a cookie or two later.

33. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…

34. What about the demons, inside?

Go grab fries for nurturing him.

35. Now, it all makes sense!


36. Feed it and make it bigger

37. Can I please sleep? Just five more minutes, I promise

Never mind, we’ll just turn my life around tomorrow, maybe.

38. I see myself there and then *says the writer of the blog*


A writer’s nightmare

39. Every penny counts

Not that rich to be generous

40. Wander = wonder = OVERTHINK

I think coming out into nature wasn’t a good idea, after all, I could have stayed in the bed and watched T.V the whole day

41. I’ll think over it for the next five years too…


42. Hate is just another way of holding on

43. Plans are made to cancel

Hanging out just fine

44. I am a magician, not a God


45. Toxic parenting

I still have marks on my soul

46. I’ll be there no matter what it takes

47. We’ll play guns and roses, it’ll make you feel better for sure


except for there are no roses in the game

48. BU… But I didn’t even say something yet…

I know I am crap

49. That’s awesome!

You’re a tough eye-man

50. At a snail’s pace

He’s a Cheetah, he can RUN!

The web is flooding with memes and comics made over common insecurities. Often even the people creating these memes, suffer from such insecurities. However, they find a way out to brush them off and create jokes about them. There are some people which would find this humor cruel but trust me there are folks out there who get motivation from such content.

Death, depression, and aging are components of life, they assure you that you’re living not just passing time. Not talking about these points wouldn’t help anyone out of it rather send them in denial. However, highlighting them would make people accept them in a manner that is less painful and hurting.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say ‘dark humor is evil at its best’ expressed in a lighter mood. Emotional dilemmas can be hard to bear, but yet again it’s what makes you stronger. Comics illustrating humor about such emotional dilemmas are ‘my type’ I believe they project emotional strength.

Which one stood out for you or to which one you could relate, the most? Do let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family!


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