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These Are Your Deepest Darkest Fears According To Your Zodiac Signs

‘Zodiac Signs’ is a universe of its own.

Zodiac or astrological signs are a very well-known phenomenon. Just like any other concept or phenomenon or activity or anything, people have their own reservations. There are many people who don’t believe in this kind of stuff and there are some who do believe in astrological signs. There are 12 zodiac signs in total. According to western astrology, each one of the twelve signs covers a 30-degree sector of Earth and all twelve signs make up Earths 360 degree orbit around the Sun.. The twelve signs in the right order are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.


In a law mas’ terms, each zodiac sign covers a certain number of days in a year. Whatever your date of birth is, you tally it with the range for each zodiac sign. And whatever range your date of birth is in, that is your zodiac sign. And people tend to care allowed about these signs because their belief is that they dictate their lives in a way. Their well-being depends on those signs. But here’s where things get interesting. Science does not validate any of this. This is why there’s quite a big debate as to whether these signs really affect our lives or not.

Today we are going to share your deepest darkest fears based on your zodiac signs. Those who don’t believe in all of this, try to see if it really works and tally your biggest fears versus what I am about to show.  Scroll down below to know what you guys have been unconsciously fearing all this time.

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1. Aries: 21th March to 19th April – Their biggest fear is of losing people.

Aries are very competitive and hate losing any battle. But their fear of losing somebody very close to them is even bigger.

2. Taurus: 20th April to 20th May – They fear financial unstability.


A Taurus would always like to live a luxurious life. This is why they fear financial instability the most as it would also take the luxury away.

3. Gemini: 21st May to 2nd June – Fear of making crucial decisions.


Geminis don’t really stick to a decision, a statement, or even promises. So taking decisions and then showing continuous commitment to it terrifies them.

4. Cancer: 21st June to 22nd July – Fear of going out and facing new situations


Cancers are very anxious by nature. So you can tell why this is their biggest fear.

5. Leo: 23rd July to 22nd August – They fear being ignored and eventually forgotten. I am a Leo and I can confirm this is true.


I’m a Leo. and it really does bother me if I am at a gathering and nobody notices me or ignores me. Though they do manage to find a solution and all does eventually work out.

6. Virgo: 23rd August to 22nd September – Their deepest fear is imperfection.


Virgos are very well known for their perfection. Even a tiny bit of item not in its place haunts them. Yes, it’s also called OCD.

To be extremely real with you guys, I didn’t realize all these fears would be that deep. I initially thought that it will say what insect scares which zodiac sign. You know, something along those lines. But this is deep and now has me curious to find out whether all of this is accurate or not. I Gotta ring up some friends.

7. Libra: 23rd September to 22nd October – Loneliness is their deepest fear.


Libras are very social. You could say social gatherings and being around people is what rechargers them. And they absolutely loathe being alone. So much so, that they don’t even like to discuss how things would be if they were alone.

8. Scorpio: 23rd October to 21st November – Intimacy. They hate it.


Scorpios are generally very reserved about their feelings and emotions. It is not easy to crack them open. The reason why they fear intimacy so much is because they fear the person they finally trust may one day leave them.

9. Sagittarius: 22nd November to 21st December – They fear confined spaces.


Sagittarius is very well known for their traveling. They are very adventurous. And an adventurous person does not like to do stuff according to other people’s will. Which is why they dislike confinement.

10. Capricorn: 22nd December to 19th January – Failure horrifies them.


Capricorns are known to be high-achievers. And even the slightest of thought of failing sends shivers down their spines.

11. Aquarius: 20th January to 18th February – Fear of conforming to institutions.

Aquarius is not a big fan of rules or institutions where they have to abide by a certain set of regulations. And this is why they would always run away from such situations or institutions.

12. Pisces: 19th February to 20th March – Responsibility frights them.


Pisces like to live in their own bubble. And any state or fact of responsibility creeps the living hell out of them.

And there you have it. Each one of you guys’ fears is displayed right before your eyes. Are any of these fears accurate? Do share with us what zodiac sign you  are and let is know your opinion on these astrological signs that link us human beings with our universe.


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