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Evil Packaging Designs That Were Created To Deceive People (30 Pics)

As humans, we have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. This also stands true for what we choose to purchase. But, sometimes we are unable to see beyond what’s right in front of us and actually analyze things in depth.


This is especially true for all the deceiving advertisments we are all too familiar with. And even though, we are well aware of all the scams these big companies are involved in, we still just go with the flow and ignore the warning signs. Deceiving ads are the false advertisments and funnily enough, they are actually illegal! That still does not stop many companies to continue trying to get maximum profit by selling the wrong things. Or by misleading their, sometimes regular and loyal, customers. Though, we gotta give them points for being highly persuasive but c’mon, put in some effort and be truthful. You never know, you might even sell more than what you anticipate by being honest.

But oh well, if the higher ups can’t stop them from doing that by making it illegal, guess we really don’t have much power other than just boycotting them all together. Am I giving ideas? You bet I am. It’s about time we take it in our own hands and stop the injustice. I mean, who wants to be mislead and buy something else instead of what we actually want? It’s about time we say no to exaggerated statements!

Here we have some examples of these deceiving advertisments but luckily, some people were smart enough to do some research! Scroll down and check it out;

1. “My Mother Ordered 1000 Plastic Blocks For Her Nephews. Ended Up Receiving 523”

Okay but, how do you have enough time to count all the tiny pieces? Though, we still appreaciate the effort!

2. “1001 Stickers And 768 Of Them Are Useless Squares. Thanks, Disney”


Again! We love how this person took the time out to count these stickers. Maybe we can actually use them to decorate something.

3. “Bought A Ball Pit For My Baby”


Why did you even give these many balls? Just keep them. They are close to nothing anyway.

4. “My Sister Got This For Her Birthday”


Somebody didn’t want to spend enough money on a silly gift.

5. This is supposed to be a box filled with beef jerky.


No, this is a scam. At least you get a box for free. Re-use it.

6. This company shouldn’t have even bothered to add that tiny bit of filling either.


It was completely useless.

7. “Thought I’d Buy Some Colored Pens. Turns Out Every Single One Of Them Has Blue Ink”


That’s why you should always check before buying something.

8. This really smart lady just exposed this company and we love it!


9. “This Cashew Packaging. I Was Wondering Why My Hand Instantly Hit The Bottom When I Opened It”


Well, at least they didn’t try to hide it as much. Now we know where to look!

10. Flushable wet wipes? Well, that’s not so bad?


HARMFUL TO AQUATIC LIFE! Sure, save your time but ruin their life.

11. You can just make the jar smaller?

Why bother wasting so much money on making it bigger just to fill it less than half.

12. “800 Pieces. Yeah Right. The Box Is Half Blocked And 550 Pieces Are Tiny Dot Pieces. My Son Was Not Happy”


Each piece is useful. Those tiny pieces are what completes the pictures.

13. Wait a minute…

Brb, gotta go check all my shampoo packs.

14. What a great idea for a pizza package,


Put them all on one side so it looks like there are lots of meatballs!

15. I am sorry to all those who are lactose intolerant and rely on this.

Well, we are shocked. We knew there was false advertising happening but we didn’t know it’s that often. Seems like deceiving consumers has become some sort of a game for them. Well, two can play this game. These consumers definitely wasted no time in exposing all the lies! Keep scrolling for more of these false package designs.

16. Just make it bigger so it seems like the customer is buying more.


They aren’t going to check that it’s LITERALLY THE SAME WEIGH!

17. Another one with the same weigh but a slightly bigger bag.

Ahh, when is this gonna end?

18. I am sorry, sir.


Once you have purchased it, you cannot return it. Even if WE are the ones who have deceived you. Deal with it.

19. Read it carefully!

Nope, not 500. Just 39 of the best ones.

20. “So Thankful For My Singular Candy Topping”


Enjoy your meal!

21. “Bought A Coloring Book And Pencils To Keep Myself Busy While I’m Off Work. Thought These Were Full-Size Pencils”

Well, at least you get 64 of the small ones.

22. “Tricked By The Packaging Of My Moisturizing Cream”


It’s so teeny tiny…One use and it’s over.

23. Pay attention, people!

It’s right there on the package. Just invisible.

24. “Bought These Sticky Notes Cause I Thought The Gold Border Was Nice”

They look so nice! If only it was the same for all the sticky notes.

25. Printed all over… on the sides.

I’m sure it must be written somewhere.

26. Just check out their net weigh.


WHY?! Why must they do this?!

27. Natural is just the brand name.


You’re just too naive and assumed it’s natural. Ha, take that!

28. “Bought Some Eye Makeup, Just Realized One Of The Eyeshadows Isn’t Safe For Eyes. Found Out Via White Print On A White Background”

Noooo, not the eyes! They are so sensitive.

29. Fooled you!


You thought it was watermelon? Nope. Why would we be honest?

30. Let’s put a sticker on it and watch the customers freak out when their microwaves explode.

I’m kinda glad and sad that i’ve reached the end of this article. Glad because now, I won’t be disappointed but sad because this really isn’t over. It’s happening all around the world and we can’t avoid it now. We are surrounded by deceiving packaging and we can’t run away from it. Have you managed to spot the flaws? Let us know in the comments section below!


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