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50 Pics Of People Who Are Having A Terrible Day

Having a worse day? Well, you are not alone.

Life is hard, there are good and bad days that come our way but we tend to remember the bad days more than the good ones. You are having a good day and all of a sudden, your car stops working, your door keys get stuck in the lock or you get late to work and call it the worst day of your life but wait a minute. There are people having worse days than you. Unfortunate incidents are a part of life and you can not avoid them. It is easy to feel grouchy when a bad thing happens to you, nothing seems to work out and the day feels heavier. But after seeing what others are going through, you might feel better about your day. Here, we have compiled for you the list of 50 people who are having a worse day than you. Scroll down to enjoy these fails.


1. Dad thought he could clean gutters with a leaf blower.

Source: BurtMacklln

2. In-laws invited us for dinner but they served us with something else.


Source: MindfulMuser

3. Someone can’t swim today.


Source:  ShaunBezzo

4. Tried lighting a candle on toilet with a matchstick but it flew out and landed in my underwear.


Source: gypsypanthr

5. At least they apologized.


Source: Nordisali

6. Don’t leave your car unlocked.


Source: gamerwitcher

7. Who left this in my house?


Source: vron_vol2

8. Neighbor’s tree gave us a great view of the stars.


Source: Bloomshockalocka

9. Anti-depressants all over the floor making me cry.


 Source: SSR_Id_prefer_not_to

10. Pregnancy test epic fail.


Source: reddit

11. Okay, so that’s the right way to put the coffee mug.

Source: Shaneblaster

12. Cutest fail ever!


Source: bigbluebeaver

13. Bakers left their fingernail in the sandwich and he chewed it twice thinking it’s garlic or clove.

Source: Alicee-

14. Took Senna-S instead of Aspirin late at night.


Source: KatOfTheEssence

15. Welcome back, Hooman!

Source: kpclaypool

16. The best revenge!


Source: whothefuqisdan

So, a secretary left the job and took revenge from boss like this while leaving in the morning. Boss’s day must be ruined. Who would be happy to see a box of their favorite donuts being half eaten. Bosses treat us employees really bad sometimes and we cannot do anything about it. But this secretary has found the best way to take revenge from bosses.

17. Forgot to close the window last night.

Source: ValueMaverick

18. Reaction from the allergy test.


Source: sinesquaredtheta

19. Slipped in the bathroom and this is what happened.

Source: Bonsonoptic

20. Horrible! Send help.


Source: dbcannon

21. The diamond ring came with 10 years of guarantee. I lost the diamond today and it’s our 10th wedding anniversary today.

Source: Blueskittle101

22. Had a long chat with an old friend in the parking lot while holding grocery bags.


Source: slm1992

23. Shit! Bird chose to poop in coffee.

Source: JackedRussellTerror

24. Someone put the dry ice in the toilet *by mistake*

Source: Samaraii

25. Most expensive mistake in the history of mistakes.

Source: here_for_fun_XD

During the maintenance of the Noaa-19 satellite, technician removed 24 bolts from the satellite due to which it fell over and caused around $135,000,000 of damage. Just think about that technician now, are you having a worse day than him? Surely no. Next time someone showed me my mistakes, I’m gonna show them this. The biggest mistake made in the history.

26. Electricity went off on my birthday night, twisted my ankle while coming down the stairs. Worst birthday ever!


Source: dekusoup

27. Neighbors had a party last night. Not sure who got high? Neighbors or trampoline?


Source: HalfWaySlick

28. Kids did this to my car.

Source: NotoriousArcher

29. Wanted to go down the basement to do laundry.


Source: drkwtrs

30. Toddler is sad to see the playground has been removed.

Source: maaalicelaaamb

31. The pile of mails I have to go through to prove insurance has been overcharging me.

Source: ethicalgreyarea

32. When he finally got to see Big Ben.


Source: axnu

33. Grabbed the hot metal bowl by mistake.

Source: gregjacquin

34. Wanted to enjoy a cool soda.

Source: dim-pap

35. Tried to cut my hair because all the barbers were closed.


Source: manitobakid

That’s a funny haircut fail. Have you ever tried cutting your hair at home and failed? This boy thought he could do better than the barber and took the risk. We can see how bad he is at hair cutting. Well, I have tried many times cutting my hair but this is the worse I have seen in my life. Now, I will think a hundred times before touching the scissors. This haircut fail didn’t give him one bad day but days of regret and crying. We will suggest you try wearing a cap. Lol.

36. This picture speaks louder than words.

Source: TheNightMan5000

37. Ordered a chlorinator for pool and this is what I received.

Source: Yashkamr

38. When you keep sauces in your bag.


Source: DMBreezy

39. Bought new outlets to make the sockets at my house work but found out there are no wires here.

Source: angerybeaver

40. Cars froze in the rain.

Source: VforthHorsemanV

41. Decided to fix the heater myself.


Source: Kidw0nder

42. Heard a loud sound in the night and woke up to this.

Source: agni_ka

43. Damage has been done.

Source: love2go

44. She washed her hair right after dying her hair.


Source: medicfourlife

45. Little did I knew this was not butter.

Source: IsThisDamnNameTaken

46. It was -16 Fahrenheit at night and I forgot Pepsi in the back of my car.

Source: OneEyedWilson

47. Someone left nappy in the washing machine.


Source: couldntdecidemyname

48. Delivery at your doorstep.

Source: RoswellGAPolice

49. When you love Reese’s and find a worm in it.

Source: eldridgephotography

50. Good morning? Or bad morning?

Source: deathberryx

Any day can be a bad day, we can never learn without failing. Stop thinking that the world is only cruel to you and after reading this article, I’m sure you would be feeling a lot better. Tell us in the comments what was the biggest fail of your life. Or which fail from the list made you laugh the most.


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