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Entitled People Who Think The World Owes Them Everything

The world we live in is filled with millions of people who are genuinely nice and down to earth. But amongst those nice beings are the humans who think they deserve the world and more. Where that may not be a wrong thought, but there are always certain limits and boundaries that one should not cross.


It’s obviously not wrong to want something. But the real question is; how far can you or will you go to get that thing. And what your thought process is behind that. If you think you want something and also don’t mind working for it, congratulations, you are a normal human being who has some moral values. Whereas, if you think you deserve everything you wish for and everything should be handed to you in a plate, unfortunately, you’re an entitled person and you need to do some serious self-evaluation.

Though, we are no one to judge people. Because, everybody is responsible for their own actions at the end of the day. However, if it’s starting to impact others poeples lives or is just extremely cringe worthy, that is where the problem begins. It’s one thing to think you’re right when you know all the facts, and it’s another thing to think you are right and people are just born losers. What’s extremely nerve racking is when you have to come in contact with such entitled beings.

We’ve gathered some proof of how entitlted people can so easily ruin moods with their unreasonable demands. Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t yet faced it yourself.

1. Yes because asking them to come to you nicely is too much of an effort.

Via GreatBallz

The bell is what they deserve.

2. Well, here’s a first!

Via hiya555

Call the police on children for being… children.

3. This person probably thought the person would give in anyway just because he has already reached that location

Via SV01SeeU

Too bad your trick didn’t work this time.

4. This person is smart!

Via Vittoria68

Making it seem like a person should want to do it.

5. This man who thinks art has no value

Via wtfmanuatemyjelly

And should always be done for free

6. It’s not cat sitting, it’s a play date.

Via pikakim

Where is your brain though?

7. Why people feel the need to change last minute, I will never understand.

Via gwatt21

Straight from 30 dollars to half of it. Yikes!

As if this wasn’t enough to make us fume with anger, we’ve got some more for you. They will not only make you mad but also make you wonder if these people are using their brains to their fullest potential. Keep scrolling and check out more of these!

8. … okay but … what?!

Via Plant_lover2321

Still confused about this one!

9. Sometimes, it’s necessary to school people.

Via glen107wood

Or they never learn.

10. The entire world needs to learn english for this woman.

Via HP2806

What logic is this?!

11. Where are all the ubers?!

Via maque-choux-chef

No tips for you for not having uber.

12. I want to practice on your hair but please pay me for it.


No less than 100 dollars. NEXT!

13. What a horrible person for turning down a child.

Via KeepItDownOverHere

Sense the sarcasm!

14. Lash appointment?

Via BuyMeLotsOfDiamonds

More like last appointment. Gurl, bye!

15. I guess you could complain to the one who made the earth.

Via Yadynnus

Ahh the absurdity! How dare they make France like that.

Brb, just going to pack my bags and move to another planet. This makes me want to never interact with people. Do you feel the same way? We are certain you do. Let us know in the comments section below if you have experienced something similar. We can’t wait to hear your stories.


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