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20 Rule-Breaking Rebels With No Respect For The Authority

We have all heard about troublemakers who are up to no good, especially when they are tested with their boundaries and limits. Today we have brought amazing and funny examples of people doing the exact opposite of what was asked and breaking the rules in the most unpredictable way. Rules are meant to be broken and these people have outdone themselves, they went to the extreme and broke the rules in hilarious ways. They had no respect for authority hence they had their own ways to snap back at them. These are not only entertaining but their smartness has shaken everyone. They had the funniest reactions to all those rules that were broken. However, we are lucky that these were recreated and displayed right in front of the rules to add more humour to it.


These are unequivocally some of the funniest posts I have seen, which is why we are bringing these to you. These will for sure make you laugh and make your day 10 times better. You can count on it! They made me laugh like a maniac and inspired me to do something along those lines as well, in short, become a troublemaker.

If you want a good time, keep scrolling!

1. Now that is savagery!

via @rudy_betrayed

2. No one can stop an angry bird!

via  u/keel_zuckerberg

3. Devil sometimes come in the human form…

via  @fesshole

4. A paper won’t stop him…

via  u/Ephemeralle

5. What is this and why?

via  u/xylylenediamine

6. Squirrels won’t hold back anymore!

via  u/m1a1tanksauce

7. Playing with fire!

via  u/myusernameisunique1

8. Satan!

via  u/niagaralex

9. Hahahaha! This one is actually hilarious!

via  u/GEN_Schady1

10. No one can stop him from doing it again!

via  u/ShaveMyHairyDinosaur

11. That one totally backfired!

via  u/steamshifter

12. Spittin facts!

via  u/KingKiler2k

13. Facebook and its policies!

via  u/lucs_25
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14. no one can do a thing!

via  u/M-a-fada-n-u-s

15. What is PETA trying to say?

via  u/CyberOgre

16. He was really good at hiding himself!

via  u/coneheadZombie

17. Strategy that everyone likes!

via  @makaylathinks

18. This is pure evil!

via  u/Nuker4455

19. Thug life!

via  u/konkinsdeciple

20. No rules about pineapples!

via  u/perkilyTowel401

21. Reddit won’t learn!

via u/LulaLerner

These posts are hilarious. They absolutely made my day a lot better. These people are pure savage and evil for doing what they did, especially the ones that just made pure fun of it. Beware! You can find these people anywhere who have no respect for the authority and its rules. Some animals are on it too. Since we can not do anything about animals behaving in such a way, what we can do is make a hilarious post about it and laugh it off. Therefore, we hope you enjoyed every bit of it. I undoubtedly loved this article. These people were ‘Nutty as a fruitcake’ to accomplish the tasks they were so determined to do, which was to break rules and challenge the authority.

I really loved all their ideas and the way they pulled it off! What did you think about it? Would you be willing to be this hilarious and pull it off just like everyone else above? Let us know what you think in the comment section!


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