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Artist Turns People’s Deepest And Darkest Fears Into Comics

Comics are a great way to pass your time. They are light, nothing too lengthy to read, and always give you a quick laugh. When you become an adult and are working full time, you rarely ever have time to read a lengthy 300 pages book. Sometimes even thinking of watching a movie is exhausting. What does help though, is reading adult comics. Adult comics have different kinds and one of the most interesting and entertaining ones are comics about your deepest and darkest fears. That one really sets you right. So engrossed and caught up in your routine, you forget how to find humour in your daily life. Going through the same routine repeatedly makes you respond to everything in a very mundane manner. You get so used to everything around you that the humour that is essential to have a healthy balance between working and having fun is completely lost.


In my belief, joking about your own fears is very helpful and gives and actually makes you realize how silly your fears sound. When we used to be little, we all thought we will never have fears as an adult. That was a complete lie in our heads. Somehow, fears have gotten worse in our heads now. It is even more difficult because you don’t have your mom in the next room you can hug and forget about the fears. You have been left alone in your room. Below are some hilarious comics about our deepest darkest fears. We are going to fear them forever, why not get some laughs out of it?

Source: Fran Krause

1. Spiders in sleep!

Now, it is okay to sometimes have 1kg gained weight in the morning. But some people do not understand how someone could gain weight at night when they are not even eating anything. The only explanation is that we are unknowingly eating spiders at night. What if they just crawl on your bed and into your mouth? Who knows?

2. Lights on at night!


Admit it, we have all done this at least once in our lives and it always backfires. It gets even worse to have your light open and have something to stare at night. You end up staring at the little space between the floor and the door the whole night in hopes you will catch something. Honey, no girl, bloody-eyed cat, or a ghost is in the hallway. Get that beauty sleep!

3. Scary Santa


Damn, that is some crazy fear. Now that I have seen it, I cannot take the image of deflated Santa covered in chimney smoke. It is almost horrifying. There is terror spread all over his face and the eyes are just popping out.

4. Early replies!


Girl, we all feel that. The biggest urge to fight in your regular days is to delay a response to a message. You always worry whether your friends require help or not. Until you reply, you will never find out.

5. Blinded by superglue


You never know, your enemy might be right around the corner and planning ways and ideas to turn you blind or even kill you. You can never be certain of things like eye drops. What if the pharmacist had an unknown beef with you and decided to blind you by putting superglue in your eye drops?

6. Back from the dead!


Whoseever mom is that she needs to explain instilling this fear in her little child. Why would you tell your child this? I guess the mother had some of her own adult fears to deal with that she ended up projecting on her child. Well, whatever it is, I wish we could assure the kid that dead people are not coming back. Sweep those dirty floors, child! Maybe your mom just liked a messy house.

7. Holds my hand while I sleep!


Here it is guys, our dear old typical childhood fear. God knows we all spent every night fearing this. We were certain someone will hold our hand and pull us down the bed, take us with them and disappear us from the world forever. To be very honest, I still have these thoughts. And that is why I always hug my pillow tight so no one can grab my arms.

8. Old overnight


I think we have all thought about this! Getting old can be so scary and depressing sometimes. The fact that you will never always be young. You will grow out of your youth and become 40 years old. And just after some time, you will turn 50. Before you even know it, you are 80 years old and can’t even move from your bed because you got a broken rib.

9. Elevator ghosts


Stepping into an elevator is always scary, no matter how many people try to become strong and pretend they do not fear anything. You are literally inside an enclosed box with no way out. It is closed the whole night. Can we seriously stop pretending elevators are not scary and that there is not the slightest possibility they could be haunted? This guy, however, took it to another level and even says something positive.

11. Surgery terrors!


Isn’t it wonderful what anaesthesia can do? If anaesthesia really does help wipe your memories, I would like to take a shot every time I do something stupid so I can get rid of those embarrassing memories. And also, did it just happen to make you think about the most famous movie “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind?”

12. Mirrors are gateways!

Someone can totally make a movie out of this. What if our reflection is just our identity in another dimension also wanting out of her dimension? If yes, we need to figure out a way to open these gates. We need a change. Shifting to another dimension would help!

13. Chairs for the ghost!


One of the creepiest things to know is that someone is watching you while asleep. The fact that someone will actually spend hours just looking at your sleep is insane. If you ever had someone stare at you while you are asleep, and not in a romantic way, you will know how creeped out one feels. Now that there is a possibility of a ghost staring at us, I might never be able to sleep alone.

14. Reflection in the eyeball

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Thank God, he noticed the reflection before he poked himself in the eyeball! It is even crazy to know that this idea came to the guy’s mind. But let’s just admit, at one point, we all have tried to stare really deep into our eyeballs and see what we can see!

15. Razor time


Looks like we all are part of the same boat. Razors are scary things to hold. They can be so unpredictable. With the blade in front, it is not abnormal to think the worst of this little object. There is a huge possibility for your skin to just roll like that. I know every woman has had this though. But maybe it is just a collective paranoia?

16. The ghost and the wardrobe

This just sent chills throughout my body! Even though this is absolutely insane and there is no way it could be true, I still cannot help but think how there is a slight chance our cupboards might be haunted. They are closed all the time, and we all know what happens to places that stay close and dark for a long time. They become haunted!

17. Sliced fingers!


If you have not paid attention to the door hinge already, do it now. Those things are the most horrific and scary parts of the door. You accidentally place your fingers in the hinge, get ready to say goodbye to pretty fingers. I can’t say I don’t have this fear piercing my mind every day. It is probably why I stay inside my room the whole day. I don’t want to be near that door at all! q1

18. Dissolve in the water!

We have all had scary thoughts about the toilet. Sometimes I fear a big crocodile-type animal will crawl from the water and bite me. It won’t get off me and I would have to go everywhere with a scary animal attached to my body. Now that I have read this comic, a new fear is added to my toilet fears!

19. Another elevator story 


Now, this is a rather realistic fear. Elevator doors can never be trusted. They are automized through sensors. What if sensors stop functioning properly and the doors start closing on their own? This is a very valid possibility and any of us could be subject to it. So make sure to run through the elevator door next time, pals! We never know who will be the first victim.

20. Head chopping off at the rollercoaster!

Woah, another new fear unlocked! Rollercoasters are scary already, this just made them look way worse. The last picture made me scream a little. Getting your head chopped off will be the peak of horrific moments. Imagine the trauma that the person next to you would have to deal with.

21. Ghosts in the dark


I don’t know what it is about the dark. It always brings the most horrific thoughts to your head. And anyone who says they are not scared of the dark is a liar! There is no way you’re human and not scared of what might follow you in the dark. The dark is so unknown and you would not even know how to defend yourself because you can’t see.

22. Replaced by your own reflection

We all have the will to be alive. We all want to be alive and exist. Everyone fears death. I don’t know what it is about this world, even though it has become the worst place, we still want to stay alive in it. So what if your reflection in the mirror also wants to come to life? What if they are just waiting for the opportunity and waiting to pull you inside the mirror come out to replace you? We never know who is onto us.

23. Cliff hanger!


Remind me to never drive on a cliff again! You can never tell where your downfall is. What if you zone out into your thoughts, and the next thing you know is you are driving off a tall cliff and crashing into the ground? Yikes!

24. Hands with holes!

If there is anything I thought would not end up in someone’s fear, It was our pores. Those tiny, barely noticeable things are so harmless. But the fact someone fears about them makes you realize what a dark place our mind can be.

25. One of the bad people

Well, we must admit that this is possibly one of the most creative imaginations one could have about how the world would end. Did you ever think about things this way? We bet not!

As we have reached the end of this post, we are actually really creeped out after reading these and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is a huge possibility that you might have to spend the next few nights full of nightmares. Especially the ones about bed and elevators are totally freaking me out and are stuck in my mind. I will probably think of getting smashed into an elevator the next time I am in it. I will be staring at my pores the whole time. I will keep my mouth shut during the night to make sure no spiders crawl inside me. OR I’ll just never drive at a cliff at night!

These comics really did their job and managed to awake our darkest fears that we never even knew existed in us or maybe we did but subconsciously! Anyways, last but not the least, we would like to know that out of all these comics, which one creeped you out the most? Or which one of these fears you had already inside you? Feel free to write down in the comments section below and don’t forget to share these comics with your friends and family!


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