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19 Hilarious Pics Of Orange Cats That Show They Are The Derpiest Cats

Orange cats are just something else.

We believe that all cats deserve love. We do not care what breed, size, or colour they are. They are all adorable and lovely to us. However, there are just some cats that hold a special place in our hearts and some of them are orange cats. These ginger beauties always stand out from a crowd and they are breathtakingly beautiful. Orange cats have a very striking personality. Almost all of them behave the same way. They are all adorable, they like to play around a lot, they have no sense of personal space, and most of them are just living on their last brain cell. While it is true that cats are clever and have good surviving skills, some of them just are not the brightest of the batch. You will find a lot of orange cats in that category. The sillier the cat, the funnier its shenanigans. These silly cats can entertain you for hours doing the most unexpected things. It’s 3 am and your cat is running around the room knocking things to the ground? Well, consider that completely normal. Your ginger cat has been trying to catch a fly for the past hour that happens to be on the other side of the window? Get used to it. Cats just do not think too much and they love causing a fuss every now and then. They like to be the centre of attention and have their human run after them all around the house.


Ginger cats seem to do this more often than the others, and that is why we love them so much. They are an absolute joy to have around. If you need to see some silly orange cats with one brain cell, you have come to the right place. Scroll down below to see some orange silly beauties.

“Throwback to when she has received the cell for the first time”

Via u/rizy0



Via u/PsychologicalGarbage

“Cheese wouldn’t even know what to do with it”


Via u/ADHDengineer

“Nope. Nothin'”


Via u/Nasty_Rex

“Poor Finn, it’s never his turn. Might as well nap while we wait.”


Via u/daisynuke

“I asked Charlie to look at me for a picture and this is what I got”


Via u/Optimal-End-9730

“So dreamy”


Via u/Davinator910

“This is Meep. She would like to know when it’s her turn to use the brain cell.”


Via u/kristaanity

“Xander uses his time with the braincell to not get pee on his feet”


Via u/tripod_cat

“Clementine: thick-tongued & empty-headed”


Via u/huncamuncamouse

“Takes more than one brain cell to understand personal space, so here we are”

Via u/oliverpocket

These silly cattos really do seem to be relying on their last brain cell for survival. A lot of them are just derps. They do not care what they look like, they just want to be their natural selves. We love them the most in this state. Just pure, raw, brainless energy. Scroll down below to see more.

“Lost one of the antenna(ear), will it affect the reception of the brain cell?”


Via u/jjfreezer

“Different uses of Puru’s braincell”

Via u/Brinon

“Not a brain cell to be found in the bin”


Via u/alien_gelato

“Noodle had fun learning to get used to car rides (the car was parked for this photo)”

Via u/sockowl

“Negative brain cell himbino up for adoption”


Via u/ShelterCatPics

“This is Clarence. He missed the “how to use a cat tree” class in high school. Every time he gets a chance to use the one cell, he fails spectacularly. He’s an idiot, and we love him something awful.”

Via u/thesemanicgulls

“I should’ve knocked before entering…”


Via u/iitsgeorgia

“Queso was doing his best during his brief turn with the brain cell”

Via u/the_Formuoli_

Do you have an orange cat? What were their finest moments? Share your stories with us in the comments below.


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