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20 Designers Who Failed At Their Job In The Most Ridiculous Ways

Sometimes we come across some very unique designs produced by very unique thinkers. These designers are putting in their innovative ideas into products for advertising companies to sponser the products and increase the sales revenue. However keeping the businesss minded part of self aside.

Designers sometimes do a complete “Fail” job at production of products, packaging or labels. Their intention to provide high “quality over quantity” stuff, often times back lashes since the products turn out to completely question the entire point of view of the designer itself.

What is most ironic is how the designer has no supervisor or a feedback group to give an introspective suggestion as to how the so innovative design is rather turning into a disaster. Though it might be something funny for us to laugh at, we can only imagine what the designer might be feeling.

Scroll down and check out these design fails!

1. Whats the point of such a “complicated” puzzle when you can just start and reach the finish within a second?

Via demostheneze

2. As a customer, i would definitely NOT buy that possessed dress.

Via Cnmbnmya

3. Snow white started promoting poison to her consumers so that over-population reduces, immensely.


4. The subconscious death instinct just got triggered, otherwise i would likely focus on the “Diesel”.

Via -The-Goat

5. Even if i dont have any underlying lung conditions, i wont even go near the shirt. Follow all SOPs.

Via whynotfart

6. That DOES NOT give the aesthetic the designer had intended, seems rather more like an ooopsie.

Via PanthermalUnderwear

7. Hmmmmm, “Which breed is that exactly?”

Via seycerebrum

8. The speed brakers for bikers.

Via sarsina

9. Maybe the fungi must have been resting well enough.


10. Someone didnt quite have the perfect early morning coffee seshion.

Via dweebiest

This completely shows how even the retailers have failed to recognize the major issues present on the products and how the math is done all wrong. Have a look at a few more, which will definately make you question everything.

11. Ummm,would you as a consumer, really want to buy this shirt? The mannequins face is giving me serial killer vibes.


12. Kinky enough for all those who intentionally stand downstairs, would be quite a view.

Via crudolph0828

13. Thats quite the bullseye.

Via bycrackybygum

14. In case you want to hit the loo on your way downstairs.


15. “I’d like my windows in all shapes and sizes”.

Via —-0000000——-

16. The perfect way to learn geometrical shapes.

Via SilverSkilo

17. Just enough space.

Via SlaughterheartMagus

18. Museums are of the dead or used anyways? right?

Via Rooscuro

19. Healthy smoothies do all the healing required to get your life back on track.

Via mattlepro21

20. Its just the acrylic design, lets not discriminate the thought put in it.

Via Floating_Neck

After looking at all these 20 pictures, rather than just being in shock, I am surprised how all of this can be approved by the entirre team, knowing it is not a one man show. Of course we arent blaming their designs because often times we dont even recognize the logic till after the damage is done. Funny enough, at least it provides a good laugh to those who view it. Im sure you all must’ve had yourself questioning the thought process that was put into the things by the designers. Lets not shame them but consider it as a way to let go of the perfectionism and realise that everything can be done even if it doesnt meet the upmost standard.

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